Friday, May 2, 2014

FILM -- Stalled

Written by Federico D.

You don’t initially know the characters motives when Stalled begins.

Tidbits are revealed as the story goes on; however, it all happens in such a seamless manner that you don’t ardently await the history but are fulfilled once you receive it. Almost 95% of the movie takes place in a public bathroom, where during a Christmas Eve party we are introduced to W.C., a janitor who enters the vacant ladies room. A woman enters moments after, forcing W.C. to hide in a stall. W.C. anticipates the simple act of leaving once she leaves, but his disappointment elevates with another woman arriving. Both women discuss the festivities before one of them discovers she has been bitten by some freak at the party. They both disregard the mark and begin kissing each other. As most horndogs do in a situation like this, W.C. watches with excitement. Pretty soon, the kissing turns to biting as both of them turn into zombies. Stuck in the restroom with two zombies is bad enough, but what do you do when the entire zombie party soon moves into the restroom?

I give an insane amount of cool points to screenwriter and lead actor Dan Palmer. His range as an actor in a comedic yet emotional role was a refreshing spectacle. Plus, to see him manhandle a zombie with a toilet seat put my entire life in perspective. It revealed all the possibilities in life that I missed before. For some reason, my foot even stomped with his while watching that scene. Let me know if yours does the same thing. If not, I know you will at least have the widest grin on your face like I had.

My other stash of cool points goes to director Christian James. He shot in seemingly confined spaces and made viewers wonder how the camera fit in many of those scenes, especially in the bathroom stalls. The overhead angles reminded me of Quentin Tarantino or Alfred Hitchcock shots that offered great points of view.

Overall, this film is on my watch again list. Usually we just watch Home Alone for Christmas, but the wife put this on our roster for the holiday season. For me, there wasn’t a dull moment in the film. I started watching it with tired eyes, but by the end I was on the phone, sharing details about it with my brother. He can be a picky bastard sometimes who doesn’t like his time wasted, so for me to share details with him is really saying something. Therefore, there’s not much more I can say than to go watch this film.

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