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Interview -- Brooke Lewis, Scream Queen!

Hey everybody! I was lucky enough to get an interview with someone so awesome. Even though she's very busy, she still made time! I'm happy that I was able to ask Brooke questions. She's not only beautiful but also very funny and down to earth. I am honored to be able to share with you guys my interview with the lovely, the beautiful, the ever so multi-talented Brooke Lewis!

BL: Thank you for your kind words, Zena and I am honored to be interviewed by a young, ambitious, intelligent and creative woman like yourself!

1. For those few who may not know who you are, could you please introduce yourself and what you're best known?

BL: Now, that depends on which group you ask :) It's interesting because I got my first break in the New York Off-Broadway Comedy "Tony N' Tina's Wedding", then went on to do TV sitcoms like "Quintuplets" and "Mafiosa", then acted in mobster dramas like "Pride & Loyalty" and "Sinatra Club", then broke out in the horror genre with films like "Kinky Killers", "iMurders" and "Slime City Massacre" earning the title of a "Scream Queen", then combined my experience in comedy, mobster pics and horror and created the role and brand, which I am best known...Ms. Vampy!!! :)

2. How did you get into the industry--specifically, the horror industry?

BL: I acted in one no budget horror flick when I got to LA and the fan mail started to come. Then, I executive produced and starred in a horror thriller a few years later and the fan mail poured in! It really is all about the fans in horror. They are the most loyal and supportive fans in the world!

3. Did you always want to be an actress?

BL: I was born a ham! :) I was such an emotional and sensitive child that I was destined to do this! I was performing in musical theater at a very young age. I loved TV and movies as a little girl and used to talk to the TV and characters and pretend I was on the show with them and improv!

4. If you weren't a successful actress, what career path do you think you would have taken?

BL: I have always felt like I was put on this earth to help others and make a difference in some way! I feel like I have been through a lot of challenges in my life and I want to use my experiences to guide others. I think I would have been a therapist and since producing "Ms. Vampy's Tween Tawk, Teen Tawk & In Between Tawk", I actually went back to school to get my Life Coaching Certification! I got so inspired working with and helping young women, I wanted to add this to my Ms. Vampy brand!

5. Do you believe it is harder for a woman to become successful in the horror industry?

BL: I believe the entertainment industry is still a male-dominated business, but I also believe that strong and sexy women have an easier time becoming successful in the horror genre than any other!

6. You're covering all the bases and turning into the modern day Wonder Woman with all that you do! You act, write, produce, and direct--is there anything you can't do?

BL: LOL! Well, that's about all I CAN do! :) I'm not athletic and I can't handle my liquor, so what else is there??? ;) I think I'm becoming more like Batwoman, because sometimes I feel like I am going bat-%#*^ crazy!!! :)

7. Out of all the projects that you've done, is there a favorite; and if so, why?

BL: "Ms. Vampy"! Ms. Vampy is my alter ego and represents the sass and courage that is deep inside Brooke! "Ms. Vampy is America's funniest, sassiest and most high maintenance vampire! Her personality is as big as her hair and is often described as Betty Boop meets Marisa Tomei in "My Cousin Vinny". She loves pleather and fur and wouldn't be caught "dead" without high heels! But, there's much more to this loveable vampiress from Brooklyn. Following the hit web series "Ms. Vampy" in 2009 and as a prelude to the Halloween Family feature "Vamp It Out", Ms. Vampy is back with "Ms. Vampy's Tween Tawk, Teen Tawk & In Between Tawk" to inspire tween and teen girls in a "tawk" show format, which covers issues that these girls are faced with today. 

Discussion topics include: Stereotypes; Body image; Self-esteem; Peer pressure; Caring about what others think of you; Being popular; Facing your fears; Following your dreams; And, of course, boys and "Twilight"!" This is the most special project I've created! I want to inspire girls of all ages. I'm still a teenage girl at heart who deals with her own issues and insecurities and if I can make a difference in the lives of tweens and teens today, then I have done my job. VAMP IT OUT!

More Ms. Vampy's Tween Tawk, Teen Talk & in between Talk!

8. You had the pleasure of working with so many talented people! Even some people who had more years of experience than you but you still shined through. Was there any specific people who you enjoyed working with?

BL: Thank you! And, yes, I have been soooo blessed to work with many seasoned actors. When I was young, I was cast as Mark Ruffalo's girlfriend in "54". We were in two scenes that were cut, but he is soooo brilliant, I knew he would become a huge star one day and I was right! Then, I had a mad crush on Michel Pare when I was a little girl and got to act opposite him in "Kinky Killers". Last, but not least, I was terrified of "Candyman" when I was a kid and got to play detective partners with Tony Todd in "iMurders" and we really bonded!

9. You've become the modern Scream Queen! How do you feel about that?

BL: I love it, because my definition of a modern Scream Queen is "A sexy, powerful women who acts in the horror genre"!!! And, since I won the B Movie Golden Cob Awards 2010 for Best Scream Queen Of 2009, I love it even more! ;)

10. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

BL: I can only pray that I am happy, healthy and working on a TV series. Oh, and, I'd like to own a Villa in Italy :)

11. Are there any current projects you're working on that you can tell us about?

BL: I am traveling the festival circuit with two very special short films right now...Roger A. Scheck's "Sprinkles" and Robbie Bryan's "Choose". They are both winning awards! "Choose" won the Platinum Remi Award at WorldFest and I was recently honored at the Action On Film International Film Festival 2011 with the prestigious Write Brothers Excellence In Film Award for my performance in "Sprinkles".

12. I have to ask! I know many of your fans would love to know, are you single?

BL: Very single! I can't seem to find the perfect Vampire or Werewolf! Ya know any for me??? ;)

13. If so, what is your ideal mate? And what does one have to do to have your heart?

BL: Well, I am sucker for a tall and strong man I can cuddle with! :) I am also a hopeless romantic and as liberated and independent as I am, I love chivalry and old-fashioned manners! I need to be with a man who is creative. He has to put up with me when I am being a brat! And, most importantly, he has to respect and support my career and be my biggest FAN!!! :)

14. On your free time, what do you enjoy doing?

BL: Um...I'm sorry, what is free time??? :) I love sitting outside and having brunch with friends, going to musicals and wine tasting.

15. What's next for the lovely Brooke Lewis?

BL: My life right now is really about my Ms. Vampy brand and producing VAMP IT OUT. I am also developing my Life Coaching company Be You And Be Fearless (If any young women are looking for a life coach!).

16. I know that you are doing Dread Central Horror Starlets Bowling for Boobies 2011, which is yourself, along with other beautiful Scream Queens. Can you tell us more? Are you an awesome bowler, leaving others left in the dust?

BL: This is a charity event that I work hard for every year! It goes hand in hand with my mission to help and empower women. Taken from the release: "Demonstrating that their interests lay not only in cinematic hack and slash, a bevy of hot horror actresses have united for the third year running for a good cause: to support local Los Angeles women battling breast cancer, via their participation with Bowling For Boobies® and Busted Foundation (a non-profit fundraiser and charity which provides monetary assistance to women who are experiencing financial challenges as the result of fighting and living with the deadly disease)." 

Please help us meet our goal this year and make a small donation to my page:

Um...I have to be honest and tell you and the readers that I suck at bowling and will only bowl in high heels!!! :)

Zena, thank you and much success to you! Love & Horror, XO Brooke Lewis

For more information on the lovely Brooke Lewis:

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Film Review 15 -- Straw Dogs

I did a spoof on Straw Dogs (2011) last week and this past weekend I was able to check out the film. Here's a short video on my thoughts of the film--so sorry the timing is off! You'll feel like you're watching an old Martial Arts movie...but with no Martial Arts, just meeee. :P

If you've seen the original Straw Dogs, how did you like it in comparison to this remake? If you've seen this remake, let me know what you thought! Or if you're planning on seeing the movie...let me know--regardless!
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Straw Dogs Spoof Trailer

A man & his beloved girlfriend, move to the deep south and finally get their dream home. Once there, tensions build in their marriage and old conflicts re-emerge with the locals, including Starkella's ex-boyfriend, leading to a violent confrontation.

In theaters 9/16/2011 -- TODAY!
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Film Review #14 -- Friday the 13th

YouTube always picks the worse screen capture...

Welcome to Crystal Lake, where once again, young adults want to drink, party and so on. But as you know, Jason isn't having that while their on his grounds! The movie was directed by Marcus Nispel and released February 13th, 2009.

It's nothing "WOWZERS!" but it was entertaining and an awesome addition to the series. I'm a big Friday the 13th fan & I enjoyed it but wanted more. You can watch it if you please!
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Interview -- J.S. Bannerman, Creator of Pitchfork Diaries


The Pitchfork Diaries is a collection of short stories and prose unlike anything you have ever read before. Even the darkest and most violent imaginings of your mind cannot come close to matching the horrors contained within.

J.S. Bannerman, a new name in the horror genre, has skilfully woven a collection of tales that will inescapably work their way into your psyche, take up residence and relentlessly haunt you. Prepare yourself to be confronted by words that will threaten to shake the foundation of everything you thought you knew; no truth is too uncomfortable, no thought too gruesome to share.

All are invited to read The Pitchfork Diaries. Many will never be the same.



Born and raised in the church, J.S. Bannerman has taken the dangerous stance to question events that have been spoon fed to him as the truth since his childhood. He continually pushes boundaries as a purveyor of terror and often strives to find that disquietude that exists inside each one of us.

He is a nomad, calling no one place home; choosing the life of a traveler while on the mission of writing the Family of Dog series. As a result you may find him in your town, writing at your local pub, crafting tales of horror so terrifyingly depraved and heartbreakingly cruel that you would never believe that they come from a mind as normal as his. Just beware, because within each tale is a message; it’s just up to you to figure out what it means.

An excerpt from his book:

Packaging Hell

He boarded the aeroplane due to simple, morbid curiosity more than anything else. He had experienced all of the thrills that he had thought life had to offer him; a self-made billionaire, he had swum in the ocean of pleasures that only the filthily rich ever knew. Drunk with the joys of wealth, he had sipped champagne from diamond flutes, snorted cocaine off the pert breasts of the wives of rich Arab oligarchs, hunted endangered species; whatever the forbidden pleasure, whatever the sin, he had done it all.

This, though – watching someone as they engaged in sexual intercourse, knowing that they were sharing a virus that would inevitably lead to death after their final orgasm – no, this was something else entirely! He did not think that he had ever heard of something so erotic, and to know that it had the potential to add to his fortune was an equally stimulating thrill.

I was able to ask JS Bannerman some quick questions:

1) What was the inspiration for Pitchfork Diaries?
Mankind and the filth it has become. The thought at the end of the book is that the things you just read could possibly be real is why it is terrifying.

2) What was the process and how long did it take to complete Pitchfork Diaries?
The idea actually came from a few parts of my full length (The Family of Dog: The Harvest) that just did not fit at all, So it was mentioned I should do a collection of short stories and so began The Pitchfork Diaries.

I wrote the book in about 2 months time at a pub called McFinns in Oklahoma City. I write 3 nights a week usually for 6 hours a night. It was actually quite a fresh breath of air to just write stories and step away from the complicated tale of Harvest because Harvest is part of a trilogy and has many tangled themes running through it so Pitchfork was a break in a way though it turned out to be much more extreme and sinister than Harvest.

3) How long have you been writing?
I started writing in February of 2011.

4) Who are your favorite writers?
Dr. Suess and Silverstine and Fredric Neitchze.

5) What is your next project?
The Harvest is complete and just waiting for release on Christmas day. My main priority between now and Christmas is to push Pitchfork and gear up for the press blitz for HARVEST, I have an awesome crew around me The Goat Gals will kick your ass!

Thanks for having me here Zena. Your support is awesome!

For more J.S. Bannerman:
The Pitchfork Diaries Vol.1 is available now:

I hope you guys enjoyed, Thanks for reading guys!
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Top 5 Favorite Haunted Houses

This is just a list of my favorite haunted house movies! These are the ones I thought were scary/creepy/chilling/twisted. It's been a while since I've seen a really scary/twisted haunted house movie. I may be giving away SLIGHT spoilers.

5. Thir13en Ghosts

This one is the remake of the 13 Ghosts (1960). This remake didn't let me down. I didn't always appreciate this movie when I was a child. But as I watched it over the years, I grew to see it's true twisted and creepy nature. A man with 2 kids, who just recently lost his wife and is not financially stable, inherits a mansion from his belated rich Uncle. The mansion is beautiful and made completely of glass; however, there is a catch. There are 12 violent ghosts imprisoned in the house and they're held captive. Throughout the movie, one by one they get released. And oh yeah, the look of these ghost are not your typical projector on the wall or Casper.

4. Rose Red

A professor brings a group of psychics to an old mansion called Rose Red, in hopes that the psychics will pick up the energy in the house and unlock the secrets of the house. With this movie, it doesn't take that long for the creepy stuff to start. Sometimes, it does seem slightly watered down since it's a TV movie split up in pieces.

3. Burnt Offerings

I felt what happened in this movie could've happened to any family. Such a compromising price for a large, victorian, gothic-style house that is slightly run down and out in the middle of the quiet country. You have a swimming pool and access to decorating how you please. The only thing is that you have to care for an old woman in the attic. Sounds quite relaxing & simple? Wrong. The house rejuvenates different parts of its self with each death that happens on the property.

2. Night of the Demons *original*

As you all already know, I love this movie to pieces, but it's not my #1 favorite haunted house movie. There is no particular reason why. I did feel it was pretty freaky that the characters just wanted to have a good time at a party but demons started possessing people and all, so that kinda blew their plans.

1. House on the Haunted Hill *remake*

As much as I adored the original House on the Haunted Hill for being a classic, I absolutely loved the remake. When I first saw it, I imagined myself in a situation like that & it completely blew my mind!

I know The Amityville Horror isn't on the list and it's not because I didn't like the movie, I liked it just fine. It's just that I realize that my taste is a lot different from other people's. I'm not saying my taste is better--just different, so since it's different, expect to see different types of movies with me! Not just the movies other people may consider classics.

Either way, I'd love to know your favorite haunted house movies as well!
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Interview -- Josh Cook, Creator of Zombie Acres

I was lucky enough to get an interview with Josh Cook, creator of Zombies Acres ( He has to be one of the coolest, down to earth guys I have ever met!

He's very ambitious with his project, and being able to interview him really made my week. It made me feel like, know what you want to do-- then go for it. SERIOUSLY. As cliche as it sounds, life is too short. Yes, you can help others out with their dreams, but what about your own? In the interview, he dug deep and explained more about himself, his project and his rapid growth online.

He'll be at Seattle Zombie Con on October 21st - 23rd, 2011. Take a peek at the interview & trust me, you won't be disappointed!

(RANDOM: Peep his cool shirt!)

I hope you guys enjoyed the interview, I know I did! Again, thank you, Josh, for the in-depth interview. You're an awesome man with great taste in Zombie movies. And thank you to everyone who helped with Zombie Acres.

For more Josh Cook/Zombie Acres visit:
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Film Review #13 -- Dead Mary

An underrated film that wasn't fully given a chance. It was directed by Robert Wilson and released straight to DVD February 20th, 2007. It stars Marie-Josée Colburn, Dominique Swain, Reagan Pasternak, Maggie Castle and last but not least Jefferson Brown. I decided to give a review because to me, it's a great movie with awesome, creepy ideas. It took the Bloody Mary story and turned it into something else.

You may have never heard of this movie, or maybe you have. If you have seen it, let me know. If you haven't heard of it, still let me know! Either way, you can check out the review if you please! Maybe it'll stir up something inside of you about the movie. :P
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FILM -- Boy Eats Girl

This movie was originally released in 2005, but it was I didn't get to see it til about 2008. Anyhow! The main character is Nathan and he is an unpopular student who is also a no-one-really-cares-about-me athlete. He's in love with his life long friend Jennifer, played by Samantha Mumba. Nathan decides one night to FINALLY confess his love. Whelp, unfortunately on the night he plans to confess, he goes to meet Jennifer at a secret location but there is some type of conflict between Jennifer and her father.

So, Nathan leaves the secret location. Right after Nathan leaves, Jennifer sneaks out of her house and goes to meet Nathan. But when she reaches the location, Nathan isn't there. What she ends up finding is a crumbled piece of paper. Jennifer leaves and catches a ride from a classmate who's known to be somewhat of ladies' man. Nathan is walking home in the rain when he sees his Jennifer in this compromising situation!

Well, Nathan goes home and is killed in an accident involving his Mom. Blunt? Yeah. Sorry. Anyway, Nathan's mother, not wanting to lose her son, uses an old pagan spell book hidden within the walls of a church to bring her son back, which OF COURSE comes with consequences! The next morning, Nathan is fine...well, that is before he has the symptoms of the undead and an unwavering craving for human flesh.

This movie was directed by Stephen Bradley and stars: David Leon, Samantha Mumba, Tadhg Murphy, Laurence Kinlan, Sara James, Mark Huberman, Sarah Burke, Paul Reid, Jane Valentine, Conor Ryan, Deirdre O’Kane, Doreen Keogh and, last but not least, Bryan Murray!

I was interested in seeing this movie, honestly for the title. BUT not in a sexual way, I knew it was a zombie flick! Personally, I always like teen/zombie related horror movies. If zombies were in my High School, I would have had so much more fun!

Anyhow, it's not a BAD movie, it's just very playful. I liked it. It does have some corny dialogue but it fits the film. Also, it does have plenty of blood, guts & gore! I think this could actually be a great date movie. :P
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Top 4 Remakes!

I'm usually not a fan of remakes; HOWEVER...occasionally, there are those remakes that have a special place in my heart! So, I decided just to do the top 4 because I usually do top 5 or 10--spice things up a bit. Plus I don't know what it is but I like the number 4. AnyWAY! This was a bit difficult for me but here goes!

4.   Dawn of the Dead
It does die down at some certain point...but still enjoyable.

3.   The Last House on the Left
I honestly, have no complaints about this movie. I thought it was full of gore, horror, disgust & more. Though there are some parts that are overwhelming.

2.   Mother's Day
It was a great update to the original. I was unsure about seeing it at first but fully enjoyed it.

1.    I Spit on Your Grave
This to me is what a remake SHOULD be. It's just an updated version of the old. The main girl, Sarah Butler, did a phenominonal job!

I'd love to hear everyone else's so, what's your favorite remakes?