Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Just wanted to say Happy Halloween to everybody from!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

FILM -- Bereavement

This movie was released August 30th, 2011 and directed by Stevan Mena. The movie first starts off in 1989 with a six year old boy named Martin Bristoll who is kidnapped right from his backyard in Minersville, Pennsylvania. The man who steals lil' Martin is a psychotic hermit named Graham Sutter. He keeps Martin imprisoned on his farm, forcing Martin to witness and even participate in some of his random terror acts. Each of his victim’s scream and beg for mercy but no one can hear anything since they are in middle of the country, nothing around for miiiiiiles.

Five years go by and Martin’s disappearance from his backyard remains a mystery UNTIL!...Allison Miller, a 17-year-old girl who comes to live with her Uncle, Aunt & young cousin. Like a nosey a-hole, she explores her new making out with some random boy with a nice car, walking home from school which is like...miles away, and even going jogging with her breasts all out. Then, being nosey once again, Allison discovers things aren't right at the farmhouse miles down the road, and because of that, her curiosity may kill her along with anyone else who knows. Not even that loves her--just KNOWS her.

Ok, so I wanted to see this movie ever since I heard about it and I must say I was so disappointed. I'm down for movies that want to have some tension building up, but the full result of the movie just wasn't worth it. I was bored during this movie and it really made me sleepy.
Also...I don't get why they kept on showing the girl Allison's hard nipples. Like, I don't get it. I thought I was watching a horror. It just kinda comes off desperate that the director would keep on showing that. Any girl with big breasts, more importantly any girl with common sense, would NOT leave her house without a better bra for support since she's going running--SPORTS BRA!

I don't get what the hype was about. There was great gore & all but overall, it felt very SyFyish. And that's technically not a bad thing! I guess the only good thing was the was beautiful and the air looked fresh.

Point is, I wouldn't recommend this movie. If it comes on TV and you're cooking dinner or something then sure, you can watch it, I suppose while you cook. I wouldn't recommend you spending any money on this film--even if it's a dollar, rent something else.
Friday, October 28, 2011

Drew Smith -- A singing sensation!

I was lucky enough to come across one of my favorite artist, Drew Smith. He's an awesome singer/song writer, whose mind-blowing songs were included in the soundtrack of The Stepfather (2009) and The Roommate (2011).

I asked Drew for a quick interview and he was cool enough to do it! So, yay! For those of you who do not know who he is, first, shame on on you--second, it's never too late to start enjoying his music!

DS: My name is Drew Smith and I write songs out of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. A twitter here, a twitter there, and next thing I know Zena from the has sent me an interview!

1.) I discovered you through your mind-blowing song Melee from The Stepfather soundtrack. To you, what does that song mean or represent?

DS: I guess it is a song about letting go, and existing in the moment. I think everyone has moments where they feel like everything around them is just floating around in the air.

2.) How important is music to you?
DS: It seems to have turned into an extreme Love/Hate relationship.

3.) QUICK! It's movie night--what are your TOP 5 favorite movies?

DS: Off the top of my head and in no particular order:

- Old boy by Chan-wook park
It is not even out yet, but I am predicting “The Grandmasters” by Wong Kar Wai. Why? Three reasons one Wong Kar Wai, two Ip Man (Bruce Lee’s teacher) and three Ziyi Zhang.

- The Matrix
Any movie that is now a religion works for me. Last week I caught myself saying “I really like Morpheus’ new movie.”

Since this is a "horror” site I will dedicate my last two to the genre-at-hand.

- The Shining by Stanley Krick.
Because of the Shining Twins and Scatman Crothers.

And for a nostalgic pick:
- The People Under The Stairs by Wes Craven.
I haven’t seen this movie since I was teenager, but I do remember that Ving Rhames was in it, and that it scared the animal crackers out of me.

4.) When did you discover that you could sing, and what did you do to pursue it?

DS: I got into guitar as a teen and tried singing shortly thereafter. And by singing I mean post-pubescent screeching. Fortunately my mother found a great singing teacher who helped me through my atonalism. I thought at the time she was being quite generous, but in retrospect she was probably tired of suffering through my horrid renditions from The Smashing Pumpkin’s catalogue.

5.) Unfortunately--I can't sing, though you can't tell me anything when I'm in the car. But would you ever do a collaboration with someone? And if so, with whom & why?

DS: PJ Harvey. She has always stayed current without sacrificing her art.

6.) Love Teeth is such an awesome song but is very sad to me! :( If you could put the song in a movie scene, what kind of scene would it be in?

DS: Never intended it to be sad. So..maybe if we placed it in Toy Story 8 or something it would sway your mind!

7.) And last, what can we look forward to seeing or hearing from you next? When can we look for the new album?

DS: My new album "The Secret Languages” will be out in a months time and I am currently working on a new video for my next single.

I thank Mr. Drew Smith for this interview. I hope that everyone checks out his music because he truly is a very talented man. Below, I put three of my favorites.  Enjoy!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

FILM -- Rec 2

This is the highly anticipated sequel to, in my opinion, one of the scariest films in history, REC! REC 2 was released July 9th, 2010 and was directed by the same awesome directors of the first one Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza.

The movie picks up 15 minutes from where we left off from the first one, taking us back into the crazed, quarantined apartment building where a terrifying virus has run rampant. The virus turned the occupants and every other infected person into mindlessly violent beasts. Not quite zombies! The armed SWAT team and a mysterious government official are sent in to attempt to assess the situation. When they are inside, they find that the nightmare is a lot bigger than they all imagined. It's filled with medical science mayhem; a demonic nightmare of biblical proportions that's RIDICULOUSLY terrifying. The bananas part of the movie, no matter what happens--the virus MUST be contained, before it escapes to demolish the unsuspecting world outside.

Although this is still a zombie movie, I really liked how the film had awesome elements that I won't mention BECAUSE of spoilers! But just know it's an entertaining and horrifying film! The actors and actresses all did an incredible job and this is the type of film American horror filmmakers should aspire to make. Great directing, awesome acting, spectacular story, delicious gore, SCARY elements--that are actually scary, suspense through out the film and the atmosphere was top notch creepy, which all equals the key ingredients of an AMAZING horror film.

In general, I loved this movie & thought it rocked BUT it is also an awesome movie to watch on any day in my opinion. But if you especially want to get yourself in a horrifying mood, I'd recommend checking it out for Halloween & all. If you're too scared to watch it, don't worry--I understand!

The terror level on this movie matches the first one therefore I HIGHLY recommend it! If anyone seen this fantastical movie, did you like it or dislike it?
Friday, October 14, 2011

Intruders 2011 -- Trailer

This movie was directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. In the movie, the story shows two children living in different countries, and both kids are visited every night by an unknown intruder. It's some type of creature that wants both children. As the story line grows, the presence becomes more powerful and starts controlling their lives and their families. The story focuses on an 11-year-old girl who is forced to confront childhood demons.

So, I heard about this movie a while ago & was sooo waiting for it to come out. But the release date was October 7th, 2011 BUT it hasn't been released! :\ Does anyone know what happened to it? This movie is an American-British and Spanish production. I'd really LOVE to check the movie out. You can check out the trailer below.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Trick of Treat! -- Upcoming Horrors of October 2011!

I thought it would be cool if I started doing posts on what upcoming movies will be out this month. Whether if it's straight to DVD or the theaters! A horror is a horror and still needs love too. :P

Some of you guys were already lucky enough to check some of these movies out. Lucky you! With this list, I can only hope to encourage people to want to check out them all, but I'll even settle if you check out one! A horror a day is what I always say...not really, but oh well. On with the list!

The Human Centipede Part 2 - Release date: October 7th, 2011
Those of you who have seen the first movie should know, you must have a strong stomach to see the sequel. A 12-person centipede...I'll leave it at that.

The Child's Eye 3D - Release date: October 11th, 2011
Yep...3D. This film tells the story of six stranded Hong Kong travelers during the shutdown of the Bangkok airport in November '08 during the anti-government protest. The group witnesses supernatural encounters after some disappearances! Sounds freaky! I like it.

The Thing - Release date: October 14th, 2011
An isolated outpost where shape-shifting creatures are accidentally unleashed and the new mission becomes survival when these creatures attack international scientists.

Trespass - Release date: October 14th, 2011
A man who has everything; a beautiful wife, a beautiful daughter, luxury living but soon he's confronted with the reality of losing it all when he and his family become the victims of a violent home invasion.

Texas Killing Fields - Release date: October 14th, 2011
A true story of a pair of police officers who made a promise to solve two decades of disappearances and homicides surrounding the Gulf Coast refineries.

The Woman - Release date: October 14th, 2011
She is the last surviving member of her clan that has roamed the Northeast Coast for yeaaarrrrrsss. When one of her last family members are killed in a battle with the police, she finds herself alone, wounded and scared. And because of that, she becomes a project to a disturbed family man.

La Piel que Habito (The Skin I Live In) - Release date: October 14th, 2011
After Dr. Robert Ledgard loses his wife in a fiery car crash, he becomes interested in creating new skin. So, he'll need a human guinea pig...

Hellraiser: Revelations (V) - Release date: October 18th, 2011
While in Mexico, two friends discover the Lament Configuration and unleash Pinhead--duh. Once the claimed two go missing, family members go in search for them but find Pinhead instead.

The Howling Reborn - Release date: October 18th, 2011
A soon to be high school graduate, Will Kidman, soon discovers a dark secret from his past: he is heir to a powerful line of werewolves.

Red State - Release date: October 19th, 2011
Some group of boys encounter a crazed preacher while on their way to an internet arranged meeting with a woman.

Paranormal Activity 3 - Release date: October 21st, 2011
This one is supposedly the beginning of the series.

Martha Marcy May Marlene - Release date: October 21st, 2011
A damaged woman struggles to reconnect with her family after running away from an abusive cult.

Retreat - Release date: October 21st, 2011
A husband and wife rent a remote island cottage while trying to repair their marriage when one day they find a bio hazard-suited soldier washed up on shore. He warns them that everybody on the mainland has been killed by an airborne virus. *GASP!*

Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings - Release date: October 25th, 2011
At an isolated hospital in the wilderness, three deformed mutants go on a killing spree. Decades later, the family of blood-thirsty mutants are now stalking new prey, a group of young skiers trapped by a blizzard.

Faces in the Crowd - Release date: October 25th, 2011
A woman who barely survives an attack by a serial killer wakes up in hospital with a head injury that leaves her "face-blind." She is no longer able to recognize faces; she must navigate a world in which facial features change each time she loses sight of them. All the while, the killer is closing in, determined to kill her since she's the only witness.
Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Childhood Top 5 Halloween Films!

Tis the season! It's the most magical time of the year & sadly, I have YET to fully make plans! But...I'm working on that! Anyhow! Like many of you, I have ADORED Halloween ever since I was a child! ^_^ Well, in general, I'm always in the mood for horror. But specifically around this time, I have some particular childhood favorites I always try to watch.

5. My Teacher Ate My Homework (1997)

There are soooo many people who NEVER heard of this before. :[ And it makes me sad because it was pretty good! Yes, a little on the cheesy side, but I was super into it way back then! :P It was a TV special movie. It was pretty much about a boy who finds a doll that resembles his teacher, Mrs. Fink. The doll comes alive and from then on things start to get out of hand!

I remember this came on on a Friday night and I was able to stay up "late" (it was only like 8pm) to watch it. I watched it with my parents and siblings and instantly fell in love. I've been in love since!

4. The Worst Witch (1986)

I know that this is also a book series & TV show. But I first saw the movie and this was what made me want to be a witch and attend witch school & all! It was about a young witch named Mildred who attended Cackle Academy Witch School for Girls. The Grand Wizard (Tim Curry) was coming to the school on Halloween to view the Broomstick formation. Due to that, everyone prepped up; however, Mildred couldn't seem to stay out of trouble! "Mildred Hubble who's always in trouble!" It's a cool movie. I recently found it again, so I'm going to watch it later on this week. Woo hoo!!

Random! Fairura Balk played the main character Mildred and she was sooo cute.

3. Hocus Pocus (1993)

You should already know this movie, if not--how can you not? I would WAIT for this movie to come every year. I thought it had such a cool story line! Let's hope Hollywood doesn't try to remake this one! :P

The film is about a teenager named Max who hates Halloween & just recently moved to Salem, MA with his parents & little sister (Thora Birch). While trying to impress a girl, he resurrects three witches who were known as The Sanderson Sisters; (Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy & Sarah Jessica Parker.) There was a legend in Salem that The Sandersons were hung but were under a spell where they would only be temporarily dead. Because of Max trying to be OOBER cool, now he has to risk his life to protect not only his sister and the girl he was trying to impress, but the whole town. Through his little adventure he gets help from others, specifically an immortal black cat named Binx!

God, this movie rocked my life...allow it to rock yours too.

2. Return to Oz (1993)

The movie starts off with young Dorothy who is saved from a psychiatric experiment by a mysterious girl. Following that, she is somehow taken back to Oz because the Nome King destroyed everything in the land of Oz beautiful. Fairura Balk is in this one too!

I remember my older brother would always show me these movies that I would fall in love with & this one of one them! I know a lot of people never seen or heard of this movie and that is unfortunate INDEED! Plus, this movie didn't really have permission to be a sequel of The Wizard of Oz so it didn't really get a lot of exposure.

1. Halloweentown (1998)

A young girl named Marnie Cromwell finds out that she's a witch & if she doesn't start her witch training before her 13th birthday, she could lose her powers forever. Her Mother is completely against Marnie and her 2 other children knowing about this option so it's hidden from them. Their Grandmother on the other hand would love for Marnie and her 2 siblings to know what power they can have. Their Grandma usually only comes to visit on Halloween because she lives in Halloweentown: a place where it's Halloween all the time, where, witches, warlocks, vampires, werewolves, trolls, skeletons & so much more live normal lives. The movie goes on showing that something dark & evil is growing in Halloweentown and its up to the Cromwell family to defeat it!

Yep, another Disney movie! I was a big fan back in the day! :P I was in love with witches & wanted to be one so bad! So, if you adore witches like I do, it's a cool adventure.

SO! I'd love to know, what your childhood favorite Halloween//Horror films were as a child?