Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Film #12: Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

Sunday I saw this movie and sadly, I was disappointed.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Midnight Son trailer

Midnight Son was directed by Scott Leberecht, produced by Matt Compton and executive produced by Eduardo Sanchez, the co-creator of the Blair Witch Project. I think I fell in LOVE with how this film looked: grungy, raw and realistic! It's taking vampire movies in a brand new direction, which I adore! There is no release date on it as of yet...but it has been shown at film festivals. I'd love to check this movie out. I already requested to see it in my area, but who knows! :(

I can't wait till it is fully available for my eyes to dive into & enjoy!
Thursday, August 25, 2011

Welcome to Creepyville

Welcome to Creepyville! I received cool Creepyville buttons from Rich the creator of Welcome to Creepyville! He mailed me this back in July and I wanted to do a post on it. I also had to show how awesome his creation is! And what makes it even awesomER is the fact that he created it himself...fully! The characters, the story line, the music, everything. And what also makes it cool is that he and his girlfriend do the voices. What a power couple!

Look how HAPPY I am with my buttons!

So, if you guys EVER get a chance, check out Welcome to Creepville. You won't be disappointed! It's definitely a show that NEEDS to be on TV. Below is the most recent episode, hopefully he'll put up more!
Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Film Review #11 -- Final Destination 5

I saw this movie TWICE, yes, TWICE...because I loved it. It was released August 12th, 2011 & was directed by Steven Quale. It stars Nicholas D'Agosto, Emma Bell, Arlen Escarpeta, Miles Fisher, Ellen Wroe, David Koechner, Tony Todd, P.J. Byrne, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood and, last but not least, Courtney B. Vance.

In my opinion, this one is DIFFERENT from the others! This one is my SECOND favorite!! My number favorite of the series is Final Destination--of course!

Death doesn't like to be cheated, so you won't feel cheated if you watch this awesome movie with AWESOME music!
Monday, August 22, 2011

iDig Your Blog Award

iDig Your Blog Award Protocol:
1 ) Gratefully accept this award.
2 ) Link to the person you received it from.
3 ) Post 3 interesting facts about yourself.
4 ) Pass this award around to at least 5 blogs you dig.
5 ) Notify them.

The award rules!:

1. I gratefully accept this fantastical award. ^_^

2. Thank you to Emma at Little Gothic Shop and to Dr. Blood.

3. I'm not all that interesting BUT I'll give it a shot!

-- As you all know, I adore horror oh so dearly. Apart from that, and as ironic as it may sound, I graduated college with a Early Childhood Education degree. I love children! I interned for ONE year, waking up 6 in the morning, 3-4 days out of the week to go to a daycare that was about an hour and twenty minutes away! Each day, I stayed for about  4 to 6 hours and crazy thing--I didn't get paid for it.

-- I used to want to be an actress, and I slightly pursued it for a year by going to acting school and trying to build my resume. However, I soon realized that I just like dressing up in general, not so much pretending to be something I'm not.

-- And last, I'm originally from Yonkers, New York--you know, it's been mentioned in World War Z! Recently, I abruptly moved to Florida in pursuit of something different than what was expected of me!

4. I am passing this award to some awesome bloggers! I'm trying to give the award to someone who hasn't had an award soooo yeah!:

Marcus - He has great taste in movies! I always enjoy his reviews, straight to the point & very honest.

Film Deviant - Great pick in movies, great reviews! He was one of the first bloggers I really connected with.

VainGlorySinner - I would love to go shopping with her! She's always picking up so many awesome things! Her blog is fun & super friendly.

Robin Eduardo -- She's into horror, writing, art/photoshop and so much more. I love her blog, it's very diverse & I love that I never know what to expect.

Max Evel -- He's relatively new but everyone should already know who he is! I look forward to seeing his blog post for entertainment!

5. You all have been notified! Thank you for being supportive & fantastical!
Sunday, August 21, 2011

Zombie T-Shirt

A lot of people gave me compliments on my zombie t-shirt, so I thought I'd just make a post about it. Its by Black T-Shirt. It came with with a cool coupon for $5.00 off the next shirt I buy, so yay, a deal! It's a simple shirt but I thought it was cool, plus I need to step my zombie shirt collection up.

Also, I got a size small but obviously the shirts aren't form fitting, its loose but still looks great. It's great to wear if you're dressing down & just want to be comfortable!
Other shirts here!
Thursday, August 18, 2011

Film Review #10: Quarantine 2: Terminal

My apologies, I've been MIA. I was on vacation last week, & now I'm trying to get over being sick! So, no Madhouse Monday review yesterday. But, I'll make it up next Monday with something RIDICULOUSLY awesome!

Until then, enjoy last week's review! This is a sequel to Quarantine--duh but also a remake to 2007 REC. Quarantine 2 was released August 2nd, 2011, so it's very new indeed! The director is John Pogue. It was a different director from the first one, which is kinda obvious! I don't usually dig remakes, but I REALLY enjoyed the first Quarantine and when I found out about there being a part 2, of course I was super excited. Key word there is WAS. It wasn't had it's moment for those who've seen the original REC 1 + 2 and Quarantine!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

FILM -- Room 205

Originally realeased in 2008, this film is a Denmark film and that was directed by Martin Barnewitz and written by Jannik Tai Moshol. The film starts off with a young woman named Katrine who's looking for a fresh start in life. She enrolls into college and moves into the dormitory 205, duh! Katrine, who is extra happy to be there, meets another young woman named Sanne who is pretty much a conniving skank. Sanne gets upset at Katrine for hooking up with her boyfriend, therefore Sanne puts Katrine through some hazing/bullying.

Sanne and her followers scare Katrine real bad since she's the new girl. Katrine even swears that she sees a dead girl in her mirror and smashes her mirror to pieces. Because of that, she accidently releases the ghost who begins to gruesomely attack some of the dormitory residents. Of course, nobody believes Katrine's story, which is the point of the movie...well, somewhat! So, I'll stop there so I won't spoil anything.

Ok, I tried to be detailed about what kind of film this was so everyone would know what they were getting into. I wasn't sure myself before I picked it. I just randomly chose, like literally, my eyes were closed when I picked this. Don't judge me!

This movie has such a slow start to it, and I really didn't experience a build up or find the jumpy moments to be jumpy at all. In fact, I didn't even flinch, but that's just me...clearly! The film was dubbed because I and billions of others don't speak Danish; however, the acting was pretty good. It didn't have overly bloody scenes or anything which was kinda refreshing...

Overall, it was a solid supernatural/horror film with a great story, creepy in someways. I recommend it!

Just make sure if you watch it, have the lights off & a mirror near by!
Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Film Review #6: Return of the Living Dead

This movie was released on August 16th, 1985 and was directed by Dan O'Bannon. This is possibly one of the BEST zombie movies ever made. If you haven't seen this movie already...really, what have you been doing with your LIFE?? My MadHouse Monday review filmed about 2 weeks ago!

Pardon that caption...YouTube always brings out the worse in me!

RIP Dan O'Bannon. :(
Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My short film-- May 22nd

So, I filmed in May, exactly on May 21st, 2011--supposedly when the world was supposed to end. I figured, I should be doing something I love, so there ya go!

I would love some feedback or any type of suggestions. I'm trying to get a whole lot better! Special thanks to all who helped make this film possible. Although it's short, it was a long process putting it together. Don't forget to comment, rate, subscribe & duh, enjoy!