Thursday, August 25, 2011

Welcome to Creepyville

Welcome to Creepyville! I received cool Creepyville buttons from Rich the creator of Welcome to Creepyville! He mailed me this back in July and I wanted to do a post on it. I also had to show how awesome his creation is! And what makes it even awesomER is the fact that he created it himself...fully! The characters, the story line, the music, everything. And what also makes it cool is that he and his girlfriend do the voices. What a power couple!

Look how HAPPY I am with my buttons!

So, if you guys EVER get a chance, check out Welcome to Creepville. You won't be disappointed! It's definitely a show that NEEDS to be on TV. Below is the most recent episode, hopefully he'll put up more!


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  2. "You want my permission to keep a piece of lint?" lmao