Friday, July 29, 2011

Fellow Horror Fans...

This has been on my mind for a while and I wanted to put it out there. Something I really don't like is when some people say to me, "You don't look like you horror movies." Why, you ask? Because what does someone who likes horror movies look like? I was able to meet some cool people in the horror community and no one LOOKS the same. Are we all supposed to be dressed in black with black nail polish and black make up under our eyes?

I'm guessing some people say this to me because not only am I girl but I just so happen to be black. I guess as a black person in general, people think I'm supposed to only like Spike Lee and Tyler Perry movies. I'm a die hard horror fan; I watch horror movies like it's the news. It's something that I've always loved. An example, I have a rather large family, I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers, my Mother adores horror movies--that's where I get it from. ;) My Dad isn't much of horror fan, he'll watch it sometimes but not as much the rest of my family does.

Anyway, whenever my Mother would watch horror movies, rather if it was I Spit on Your Grave, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th or many others, my siblings and I would be gathered around watching. I know it sounds strange but I think we all came out fine in life.

When people find out that I like horror as much as I do, they automatically assume that there is something wrong with me. Speaking directly of myself, I was watching horror when I was in diapers and I think I came out perfectly normal. I graduated high school, went to prom, went to college, worked...sometimes even in daycares and I'm in a stable relationship. My parents have a healthy relationship, they have been married for about 35 years. I have a healthy, nothing out of the ordinary relationship with my parents, my siblings, my nephews...etc., I don't have an eating disorder, I don't abuse animals, I'm not on drugs, I'm sometimes socially awkward, but that's due to me being shy and being a computer geek. But above everything, I DON'T have the urge to kill people or whatever.

I do like other things besides horror movies, zombies and gore. I like anime, video games, graphic designing, romance movies, comedy movies, shopping...and a lot of other things. Maybe I only get this because of the kind of environment I'm in, it's not "normal" to like horror & what comes along with it but it is "normal" to want to look "fresh" or to be pregnant by age 11. In general, I guess I'm full of surprises because a lot of people wouldn't know that I like some of the things I like.

If anything, as strange as it sounds, I guess horror was my first love, it led me ultimately to what I want to do in life; make horror movies. If this is what makes me happy, I don't get why it would bother some people. I cannot help that I love horror. I'm drawn to it and I'm not going to apologize for that. Some of the COOLEST people love horror...believe me, I'd know. ;)

My questions to YOU:

Do people ever say that to you, "You don't look like you like horror movies"?

What's something that people would be surprised to know about you that you like?


  1. No one has ever said they are surprised I like horror movies. I think the people who said that to you are probably retarded. Horror movies pretty much appeal to a lot of people, regardless of race, gender, etc.

    I think people expect just guys to like horror movies. There is that old cliche of women being dumbasses in a lot of old horror movies. I guess it might stem from that. Even a horror movie that is one of my favorites (Dawn of the Dead) has pretty sexist elements. Fran just acts like a complete moron throughout most of the film.

    I think gender roles in horror movies are changing ever so slightly, but the change came too late and most horror movies these days tend to suck anyway, so no one's watching. If there's ever a symbol of modern horror, it's that movie I reviewed last week, "Rubber." The director thought he was so clever and he just made that movie because he couldn't really direct a horror movie if his life depended on it.

    I'm rambling now so I will stop.

    Nice points made on this vlog

    -FTV Revues

  2. Ramble on, you make great points, thank you for reading & commenting!

    I agree, that director of Rubber thought he was clever but I just didn't care for the movie & I tried to because it's someone's work. :| But yeah, it just didn't hit how it was suppose to! I thought I was the only one who didn't care for it, til a select few people who didn't like neither.

  3. I can't say anyone has made that comment to me. That said I have had quite a few people ask me WHY I like horror films. The answer to that question is far too long. I might just have to do a video explanation one of these days. What information about Goregirl would surprise people? I'm not sure how surprising this is (it certainly wouldn't be surprising to anyone who knows me even casually), but I am a vegetarian and a documentary junkie.

  4. That Tyler Perry line cracked me up! I get people saying to me all the time, "you don't look like you like romantic comedies." And I'm like, "you're right, I don't." You'd think my Leatherface mask would be a dead give away but some people just don't get it...

  5. I had no idea that you made horror movies ~ That's cool! (I guess it would have helped if I'd read your bio on the side of the page) Haha, Oh well. I just read it now.

    I thought everyone liked horror movies. All my friends always have, so it seems normal to me! I'm not obsessively into scary movies but I'm obsessed with Halloween. If anyone has thought I'm weird because of that, they've kept it to themselves. :) Some people have been surprised by some of my art, because I don't look goth. Not surprised in a bad way, just that kind of pause they give...or as my uncle said, "I'm surprised! You're pretty disturbed. I like it!" :)

    Like Goregirl (above) I'm a vegetarian. Some people act all shocked about that, but then say I "look like one". Go figure. I can't really think of any shocking interests I have.

    The world is unfortunately filled with some judgmental people who seriously need to think before they speak. Try not to focus on them if you can!

    One thing I've enjoyed about blogging is seeing that lots of people no matter their age, ethnicity, or gender have the same interests. I think one of the best parts of the internet is that it brings people with common interests together!

  6. I agree with Justine. A lot of people are just judgmental, but that's the great thing about the internet - you can connect with people who are interested in the same things.

    I actually do wear black a lot, but I'm not a Goth, I just like black. I don't care if people think I'm weird. I actually kind of like it!

    Just be your own lovely self!!

  7. Because of my horror shirts and tattoos people usually are not surprised I like Horror but some people do give a look when I say my favorite genre is horror. Some people think horror is low brow. Even in the movie studios horror movies are like a stepping stone and even some actors don't like to talk about their first role if it was in a horror film. Back in the day some considered horror on the same level as porn. I grew up watching horror films with my mom and dad so I thought it was what everyone else did. Growing up I realized it wasn't but I felt lucky because I got to see a lot of great horror films.

  8. I was playing basketball the other day (I'm quite good)...and I just happened to have my Suspiria t-shirt on. The one with the woman hanging from her neck. Everyone was like..."dude, be careful guarding that guy...he might follow you later and kill you!" I just laughed and rained 3-pointers on them all day. I think it's just funny when people make their own little assumptions about anything they don't understand. I mostly get the "You don't look like you like Horror movies" thing at work...because I tend to dress "nicer" for work and stuff. But, at company functions...when I show up in my Film Deviant t-shirt...people usually ask what that's all about. When I tell them...they tend to drop back and say things like..."really?? you're into that kinda stuff??" I really don't care about what other people think. Horror is so special to me. My mother and I used to watch horror movies all the time. She practically raised me on it. I love it when the people from work try to relate by saying stuff like..."oh...I just saw that new Twilight was so good!" Funny.

    I, too, disliked Rubber. I have a review of it somewhere on the Film Deviant site.

    One thing that people would be surprised my love for hip hop. Altho, I was bred on Slayer, Maiden, etc....I have a passion for true hip hop that goes back to Eric B. & Rakim. That Paid in Full record was lightning to me. When I'm at those work functions and start schooling people on hip's freakin' hilarious. "Check out the guy in the Nuclear Assault t-shirt spittin' that MF Doom stuff!"

  9. @Goregirl that would make a great video!

    @Sean Lol, I thought the leather face would be a good giveaway too!

    @Justine I'm glad I surprised you with my filmmaking, hopefully you'll think I'm good at it! I love that about the internet too, its great to meet & come across people with the same interest.

    @LGH I like black too, it's a nice color & looks good all the time! :)

    @Slowdeath77 I feel you were lucky too because it does seem like you saw a wide range of horror. That's awesome.

    @Film Deviant LOL @ the woman's comment. Ridiculous. That is so cool that you love hip hop. :) I didn't know but NOW I know what music you listened to, good info.

  10. I didn't think to ask before, but is there a place online where I can watch some of the movies you've made?

  11. Aww, Justine! You're so awesome. Thank you for wanting to check them out! Right now, it's just on Youtube (

  12. I probably don't look like I like horror movies though some nasty buggers might say that I look like I'm a victim of one. :)

    Horror movie lovers (I hate the term "fan" or "fanatic" because it's so negative) are actually a lot more intelligent than other members of society. It's been scientifically proven. I think it's to do with how we like stories and storytelling a lot more than anything else and have the imaginations to accept fantasy more easily. Basically, we are every filmmaker's dream because we love movies and escapism.

    One thing I will mention since you've brought it up, is that, yes, it's very rare for someone black to be into horror. Apart from all the black actors who are in these genre movies, you rarely find a black girl in America who is a hardcore horror fan. In other countries, it's probably more normal. In Britain, for instance, black people don't play up to the stereotypes and are just regular people. I've noticed a big cultural difference since moving to America. It really doesn't matter whether you are black, white, purple, green (ok, I draw the line at green), or anything else (gay, straight, disabled, for instance) as being a horror lover is a really primal and unifying thing.

    The only people I discount as legitimate horror fans are the film snobs who dip their toe in the water and exploit their knowledge of the movie industry in general to play at being horror fans for whatever it is that they get out of doing that. For lack of a better word, horror poseurs. They are the ones that give horror a bad reputation.

    I could go on about this subject for days but there isn't the space to do it as a comment. Thanks for bringing it up though.

  13. I get hit with this sort of BS all the time, hon. I'm a huge fan of psychedelic music, and people often ask why I'm not into death metal, or why I don't wear eyeliner. A passion isn't a physical thing, so why conform by being 'non conformist' The idea of categorising anyone shows an astonishing lack of insight.

    Welcome to modern society. :)

  14. I've never gotten that kind of comment--maybe I look like one of the stereotypical images people have of a "horror fan." I have heard a lot of trash talked about fright-flicks over the years. They're something everyone seems to like, but no one seems willing to admit they hold in very high regard.

    Lots of different groups of people would be surprised--even shocked--to learn various things about me, but I'm going to cheat and take a pass on that one; keep 'em guessing.

    I'm a would-be filmmaker myself, with a horror-pitcher show allegedly lined up to go before the lens later this year, if I can get my down self up to it. I just found this blog tonight, and, as a fellow darer-of-difference, took an instant liking to it.

  15. @Dr Blood, awww I'm sure you don't look like a victim! x_x How long have you been in America?

    @Kyle you awesome man! Well said. "A passion isn't a physical thing."

    @Cinemarchaeologist ^_^ I'm glad you found my blog! Hi!

  16. For me it's the same thing, because of this thing I often get angry or saddened!
    Others consider you maniac, just do not understand the horror that is the way to exorcise things, create art in a mental projections.
    Then there are the stereotypes, you said that you need to be "dark", otherwise you are not horror fans! Words from the brains of people "simple", that does not look beyond their nose.
    Here in Italy there are many who think that the good people is the "standard", not the one that watch at Joe D'Amato or Coscarelli.

  17. Sorry for the late reply. I wanted to let you know that I really love this post because I know what you mean.

    I'm not sure what people think a horror fan is supposed to be (emo???) but I definitely don't fit the supposed stereotype. I'm happy and flamboyant! The biggest issue I have with people is that when you say you like horror they tend to be like "oh, I don't like horror" and talk about how it's all the same thing. Like, yes, slasher films are very popular and follow the same sort of formula but that's not EVERY horror movie! There's so much more than that to see and enjoy. Ah well...

  18. I certainly don't "look like" a horror fan so a lot of people have been amazed when they realize how into the genre I am.

    Funny story (possibly), I got a friend who does fit the stereotypical "look" of a horror fan I guess. He got the dreads and the make-up, the all black everything and listens to industrial music and has crazy piercings and all that. We had been friends for a while but he never realized how much I love horror movies so he's always like "it's funny cause you don't look like that big of a fan". On the flip, this pierced up, goth looking individual loves watching football, something that surprised me when I found out.

    As someone said above, a passion doesn't need to take some physical form in your outward appearance, it's something that's inside you.

  19. Greetings fellow horror nerdling! First of all, awesome post, I find people's perceptions of what we should and should not like to be highly entertaining, albeit stupendously ignorant at times. Straight away as a woman, when someone finds out you love horror, you usually get "doesn't it scare you?"...and all that sort of crap! I personally have found people saying that sort of stuff to me on more occasions than I care to remember...and then they spend about 5 more minutes with me and realise that I AM incredibly passionate about horror and I know my shit! I often get asked if I studied acting, as I'm very expressive...or if I'm an artist. Nope, I studied Geology! Way to bump the preconceived notions of me WAAAAAAAY off!

    Whilst it's hard enough for people to believe in a hard core female horror you pointed out in your post, you are a black, female horror fan! I mean, holy cripes Batman, how could such a person exist!?! People are so stupid sometimes. I guess it is fun to be full of surprises sometimes though. It's like when people first meet me and ask me the question that makes me shudder everytime - "Are you a goth?" No I'm not a fucking goth...why do I have to be a label, grrrr!?! The only thing I am is a Jen and I live in the Jeniverse...end of! Just because I have pale white skin and dye my hair whatever colour I like, doesn't mean I should be put into some narrow minded box! I think this is the problem with society as a is incredibly narrow minded and constantly feels the need to box people up as opposed to just letting them be themselves! Well this Jen does not stand for that! And I am glad to see you don't either oh mistress of horror!!! :)

    So here's to the slow progressive take over of super kick ass women in the horror world...and indeed, the world in general, mwahahahaha!!! <3 ;)

  20. And actually, this was a topic I covered recently in an interview with Adam Barnick which you can read on my bloggage! :)

  21. I'm so pleased at how many awesome responses I got! Thank you, horror fans! ^_^ Let's continue to be passionate about our love horror and change lives in the process--lol, I know BOTH is possible!

  22. that is quite horrible. I get a different vibe from people. My parents think being a horror aficionado is something psychologically wrong because it has to do with dead people. I don't know if laughing at how ridiculous people die in Halloween II is wrong but I love watching romantic comedies and I like to shop too. So I don't understand how the love for macabre entertainment results into something not "normal".

  23. I am a stay-at-home dad and don't wear black eye makeup or an abundant amount of black clothing, but I don't generally get the "You don't look like you like horror movies" comment myself. I thing the fact that I'm a white male makes it all that more "okay" or "normal" for me to be a horror fan in spite of my "regular guy" appearance. Since you don't fit into the stereotypical idea of a horror fan I suppose you'll always get those comments. Hope you can take them in stride and maybe get an occasional chuckle from them!
    Glad to have found your site. Great stuff! Keep it up. Check mine out if you get a chance.

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  25. I found your blog from a comment you made on a post I did similar to yours. I swear...this post you did, could totally be written by me!!! We sound just alike...although...I am Caucasian but still. haha Everything you said, I can relate to 100%!!!! It's crazy! Good to know I'm not the only weirdo horror lover out there! ;)