Saturday, July 2, 2011

CLASSIC HORROR -- Intruder 1989

As always, I was looking around on Netflix when I came across this late 80s slasher. It seemed interesting enough since it takes place in a supermarket, so I gave it a watch! I never heard of this film, so I wasn't too sure on what to expect and I didn't read up on any reviews. I just wanted to watch it for myself and to enjoy it just for a good ol' watch!

Sam Raimi and Ted Raimi is in it as supporting characters and Bruce Campbell has a very, I mean VERY small cameo in this film. Anyway! The film is directed by Scott Spiegel and it's about a supermarket that is getting ready to close permeantly. In the beginning of the film, one of the cashier's ex-boyfriend's comes in the supermarket just before closing time to stir up some trouble. The argument escalates and the ex-boyfriend gets kicked out. The overnight workers go back to doing their duties; stocking up and cleaning. Unfortunately, one by one the workers start dying, so yup--there's a killer on the loose!!

The film has a great story line in my opinion, but it kinda has a slow start to it. I wasn't necessarily bored, just more like I was waiting for it to start. The deaths are very creative for it's time/location, yet I wish they would have showed the actual gore part during the deaths and not so much afterwards...if that makes sense. The make up was done really well, which was honestly surprising because I wasn't expecting that! The main thing that REALLY stood out for me was the awesome camera angles. It was phenomenal and very creative! Overall, it's a very cheesy film but still enjoyable, there are even some parts that's actually funny to me--though it's probably not suppose to be... But yeah, that's the 80s for you!

RANDOM! I don't like when I read/listen to a review on a film and the person tells the whooooole thing, where there are spoilers. I like to get reviews but without the spoilers so...when I give a review, I don't give the whole story line or the spoilers. It's important for people to see the film for themselves and to choose whether or not they liked it. When you watch a movie where you know what's going to happen, to me, it becomes lame. Therefore, I'm not going to blab away the good stuff. So, if you like spoilers or you're a person who gives out spoilers--that's you, it's cool but it's just not me. This isn't directed towards anyone specifically, it's just a heads up if anyone was wondering.


  1. I agree that general impressions of a film make a better review than just a summarized version of the whole story.

    If I haven't seen the movie yet, then I don't want spoilers. Spoiler alerts are always appreciated.

  2. Haven't seen this in awhile. But do remember that it was a slow start but there def redeeming value in the movie. Good stuff

  3. You said the magic word, "Raimi." I think I actually remember seeing this years ago. Good 80's cheese.

  4. @Little Gothic Horrors glad, we agree! :)

    @FilmDeviant so do I! Well...I miss the movies anyway.

    @Slowdeath77 Definitely!

    @MsMariah Lol that is a magical word.

  5. Hi there, just discovered your site. Lovin it so far. I full agree on the spoilers thing. I make a point of never using and real spoilers where I can, too.
    Anyway, keep up the good work ;)