Friday, July 15, 2011

Top 10 Underrated Horror Villains

I decided to do this post on the villains that people forget about. So, I just want to recognize these villains for their greatness! These are MY top 10 underrated villains, I'd love to know everyone elses. You can just comment to let me know or post one of your own & I'll definitely check it out!


10. Jacob Goodnight -- See No Evil (2006)

Although he's a Momma's boy, he shoves a cellphone down a girl's throat!

9. Big Ben -- House (1986)

How can you not think he's cool? For those of you who watched House, you know that Big Ben wasn't always like this. (Sorry! That's the best looking picture I could find of him!)

8. Esther -- Orphan (2009)

I was surprised in an AWESOME way by this movie, and by Esther. Just a simple way to put it: Esther was creepy.

7. Mr. Simms -- Tales From the Hood (1995)

I know a lot of people didn't like this movie for various reasons, but I liked it a lot, mainly because of Mr. Simms. I thought he was VERY creepy! When I first saw it, he always freaked me out. "This ain't not funeral home!" One of the FREAKIEST quotes of the movie.

6. Pumpkinhead -- Pumpkinhead (1988)

Clearly...take a look at this creature. Enough said.

5. John Ryder -- The Hitcher (1986)

Just a word of advice, always look at your fries before you eat them.

4. Dad Meiks -- Frailty (2002)

A religious fanatic, (Dad Meiks) visions lead to a series of murders to destroy supposed demons. One of the BEST psychological horrors ever made because of this character. Well done, Bill Paxton!

3. Phantasm -- The Tall Man (1977)

He was cool because of his flying spheres/sentinels that had weapons inside like drills, lasers, saws & etc. Plus, he had awesome power; telekinesis!

2. Gage -- Pet Semetary (1989)

I don't have any children so I can only imagine how horrible it was for his parents in this film. But take a look at his face! Even though he was evil and wanted to kill...he was so cute!

1. Angela -- Night of Demons (1988)

Imagine going to a party and almost everyone there turns into demons. She was just awesome. I don't know if I was mesmerized by her dance or if it was the way she ripped out this guy's tongue and spit it out on the floor like it was nothing.


  1. I vote for Gage. There's just nothing creepier than a creepy kid!!

  2. Nice, I like all the characters in the list. There's so many but I liked Tom Towles in the NoTLD remake such a scumbag in that he played the father character. Also he played Otis in Henry Portrait of a serial killer. Cropsey from the Burning,Angela from Sleepaway Camp,The Miner from My Bloody Vamentine(original),Joe Spinell from Maniac. This is fun.

  3. You remember House? That was a lot of fun! I remember seeing it w/ my cousins on a bigass LASERDISC in 87 and it was pretty creepy at the time. Today not so much.

    Not too worried about the little kid. Coz he's little. haha

    The Tall Man gets my vote. Until I hunt down Night of Demons...

  4. I think the Phantasm guy scares me the worst.

  5. Big Ben... Was just thinking of him the other day. Damn people don't take that movie as the classic it really is. Fun at times, scary as hell at times.

    Great list Queenie! Good one!


  6. @Slowdeath77 Lol. I'm glad it's fun to you! You should one! n_n OMG! I forgot about Angela from Sleepaway Camp. I liked the first & the second but she was more psycho in the second one.

    @TZH Lol. Oh, memories! But creepy kids can fool you sometimes, they'll start off nice & then they'll attack.

    @MsMariah He was very scary. Imagine, waking up & seeing some tal ol weirdo man in your room staring at you.

    @Cinezilla I agree,, it is a fun movie & a classic. I had to have Big Ben on the list! :D And thanks!

  7. The Tall Man, and Big Ben are both hardcore badass. Big fan of Frailty too, doesnt get anywhere NEAR enough lovin! :)

  8. As far as this being a list of villains "people forget about", I have to say I have never forgotten about Angus Crimm, the Tall Man. He had that nimble Lurch thing going that made he even more menacing (looked like he had 8-foot legs), and the way he impatiently hefted that coffin into the hearse, oo-la-creepy. If I was awake I might be able to add to the list.

  9. @Kyle I agree!!

    @Keith You're a man of great taste!

  10. I have to go with you on Angela from Night Of The Demons. I had a blog a few years back ,and she voiced her opinion on it about the remake version, and she wasn't to damn happy about it.
    Mimi was cool ,and she's happy being a pet psychic, and glad she never took part in the remake.
    Good post.

  11. Big Ben creeped me out as a kid! I love House.

  12. @Dr. Clones Monster Asylum, psychic? Yeah, well I'm glad she didn't do the remake as was awful.

    @Lissa I love the movie too. He was extremely creepy.

  13. Great site you have here! Happy i found it. Just started following you via blogger\google.

    Nice list. Happy you put Ester from Orphan on your top 10. That was really underrated horror flick.