Thursday, July 14, 2011

Film Review #7: Troll 2

This cheesy galore of fun was directed by Claudino Fragasso and released October 3rd, 1990. It was so bad that it was good--if that makes sense? x_x! I do prefer Troll over Troll 2 but I love my cheese. Lastly, just a caution, there are NO trolls in this movie...only goblins!

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  1. Ha! I liked the acting in your video. :) I've never seen any of the Troll movies, but they look really bad! Oh, I know what you mean about something being so bad that it's good. Some of my favorite movies fit under that category!

  2. I always laughed when the trolls start singing or chanting or whatever it was.

  3. Hi Zena! Love this movie and your video review. This was the first film I ever saw as a kid that didn’t have a happy ending and it stuck with me through the years as a result, but I could never remember the name of the title. I was thrilled to come across the trailer one day to find out that it is indeed an Italian Horror film produced by Joe D’Amato who acquired massive respect from me after I viewed his nasty but entertaining BEYOND THE DARKNESS a.k.a. BUIO OMEGA.

  4. @Justine if you ever do watch just know what you're getting yourself into! The acting is horrid but entertaining.

    @MsMariah Lol, they would sing in the 1st, I think & chant in the 2nd one.

    @Giovanni Thanks for watching. :} Beyond the Darkness is tough to find for me maybe I'm not looking in the right places.

  5. Troll 2, baby!!!
    Wish I lived in Nilbog...