Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jeepers Creepers -- Old Church Location

I wasn't a huge fan of the first Jeepers Creepers. Honestly, I found myself getting EXTREMELY aggravated with one of the main characters! However, I thought it was a very creepy film with wonderful natural cinematography.

So, I had the opportunity to see what I think is one of the filming locations! I believe it's the old church where the Creeper dumped the bodies down the pipe hole and the church was near. It's in Mount Dora, FL on 441 going towards Orlando.

There are rumors that the church burned down a couple of years ago but I can't find sources that are 100% sure. Many people say that the old church was filmed in Dunnellon, FL near a high school but once again no one is exactly sure. I looked on IMDb and below are the filming locations.

Bushnell, Florida, USA

Dunnellon, Florida, USA

Florida, USA

Lake County, Florida, USA

Marion County, Florida, USA

Ocala, Florida, USA

Sumter County, Florida, USA

Wildwood, Florida, USA

For those of you have never seen Jeepers Creepers, it's about a brother and sister whose on their college spring break. They're driving back home on this long, endless, isolated back road to visit their mother. Along the way a weird truck tries to run them off the road. Later on, they see that same driver disposing what looks like a human body down a drainpipe near an old church. This is what really aggravated me. Derry (Justin Long) convinces his older sister, Trish (Gina Phillips), that they HAVE to investigate! WHY?!! And of course, they do because there would be no movie if they didn't... If I was there I would have NEVER checked it out. Then again...that's just me, clearly! Anyhow, so, they do check it out and it leads them in to turmoil of insane, deadly trouble with the Creeper!

The church does look like it's reconstructed over the years but it still looks pretty creepy! There is a gas station that was recently built near the location. I heard from locals that it's tourist spot, many people come from all over and take photos.

If you live somewhere near Central Florida and you enjoy visiting creepy places, I say that you should!

I plan on checking out many horror film locations so this is first of many!

Happy Horror!