Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My short film-- May 22nd

So, I filmed in May, exactly on May 21st, 2011--supposedly when the world was supposed to end. I figured, I should be doing something I love, so there ya go!

I would love some feedback or any type of suggestions. I'm trying to get a whole lot better! Special thanks to all who helped make this film possible. Although it's short, it was a long process putting it together. Don't forget to comment, rate, subscribe & duh, enjoy!


  1. Cool! It's good that you spent the last day of the world doing something that you love!! I liked the news footage spliced into the film. Are you going to do a sequel when the world supposedly ends again, in October?

  2. I'm gonna try to be a little critical of your film. I don't know you, it won't be biased. However, I like you and think you are a cool person based on the dialogue that we've shared so far. That said. I liked the vibe of the well as the dude that shows up at the train station. You kind of tickled my sweet spot with the premise. I tend to really enjoy apocalyptic/zombie themes.

    One thing I didn't like as much was the lead actress' over-acting. I felt that she should've been more restrained...and I think that if she had her hair down, it would've added to the disorientation of her character as well as to the look of the film. She's got that naturally pleasing quality about her and some messy hair would've made the character more a subtle manner. Minor detail.

    I also thought the film was kind of jumbled a bit. I think there were too many quick cuts. However, I did like some of the quick cuts of the facial close ups and the random shots of the characters' reactions. If you use those quick cuts a bit more sparingly, I think you can create a really intriguing atmosphere that'll present more personal engaging of the characters that you present.

    In is a good effort and it leaves the door open for more. I know that I'll be keeping a lookout for more of your stuff! I don't wanna come off sounding douchey...but, on the other hand, as an artist myself, I always pay closer attention to the more critical stuff than the praise. As you said...even tho the film is really short, I'm sure alot of effort went into creating it...and I don't wanna overshadow the hard work with some critical words. So, I do applaud the effort.

    I'm not sure if you are familiar with Drew Daywalt and the Fewdio/Daywalt Fear Factory thing. But, he does some great work in a span of a couple of minutes. He really knows how to set up the atmosphere and get a scare out of you all while keeping the running time miniscule. Check out his YouTube channel as a good resource. We interviewed him a couple months ago and he told us a bunch of different things. One of those things is that horror is all in the timing. Much like comedy's all in the set up. The Horror Foreplay.

  3. Hey there! So here's a coincidence: I was finally checking out your youtube page today and meant to say something about your May 22nd film the next time I left you a comment. It looks like this is the perfect chance!

    I also liked the guy in the train station. Can you imagine if most of the world's population was wiped out and the only person you ran into was acting crazy? I wonder if it would be better to be all alone?

    Actually, even if it wasn't the end of the world, I'd be scared to run into someone acting like that in a train station. This is actually reminding me of a crazy guy train station story. I was waiting in a Chicago train station once, and this random dude came up to me, stared me in the face, and with a very serious look in his eyes said "Meep. Meep." Then he just walked off like that was a normal thing to do. He looked like a normal, middle-aged business man too. Just thought I'd share that. :) Anyway, was the train station guy in your movie a zombie?

  4. @Max thanks!

    @LGH hmmmm....maybe, I did think about it but still unsure.

    @Film Deviant Thank you for that DETAILED opinion, I love it. I was feeling that way about the transition but I got selfish and became a lover for the different shots. Also, I do semi feel like the film was all over but I wanted to give details but not too much, keep people wondering. AND! I have Drew Daywalt, an awesome, magical man of horror/shorts. Thanks again for watching & tips. :)

    @Justine Lol. What a coincidence! Lol @ "Meep meep", that is so creepy! You never know whose a weird now a days! And the guy in the train station was human but overly paranoid.

  5. Hey great job. It's looks nice. I agree w/ Film Deviant w/ regard to the actress. She should have been a little more disoriented.

    The only other comment I would make would be the sound quality in some places. At times it was hard to hear the actors.

    Overall a great job. Good idea to use the May 21st craziness.

  6. My backgrounds in Theatre, so I can only give an amatuer perspective, but I really like what youve done in so short a time. Im not really knowledgable about the short form of filming, but you really managed to pull the viewer into the concept in some very smart ways.
    I like the use of news articles and feeds to tell the story and Im pretty amazed you managed to get shots with no one in em, besides your lead actress. I also really dig the train station guy and the final found footage shots were really cool.
    I hate to hit on the actress but I think less is often more, and the audience is aware of her plight without the need for dialogue, and she does overact a little, but its doesnt leave any damage.
    Remember that the audience is always one step ahead of the characters in this sort of piece. The editing was really cool, (love the 'eye' closeups) and you created a relly solid atmosphere on very little. I say well done to you, RQ. As always you kick ass and chew bubblegum.

    One thing tho, its looks like you guys were filming REALLY late, so make sure you take a sub machine gun, or a machete with you next time. Wouldnt want you getting into trouble out there! :)
    Again, well done. I'll need to be checking more of your stuff.

  7. Okay, there's no way I can say anything nice about this so it would probably be better if I didn't say anything at all... BUT...

    1) You know you can't use news footage from TV in a film. It's copyrighted.
    2) What's with all the shots down by the river? And then clouds? And then the river again?
    3) Why was a Russian assassin asleep on the ground at the side of the street?
    4) Sound quality was very bad indeed. I have no idea what the guy said in the Railway station.
    5) What is this about? All I see is a girl wandering about a bit then talking to someone then wandering about some more.
    6) I don't get the "Found Footage" part. What does that have to do with anything?
    7) There's no cohesive storyline here. It's sort of just nothing.
    8) I get the clothes and ring on the ground are supposed to be "left behind" after the Rapture.
    9) The camerawork is particularly bad. A tripod would be good. Too much looking around with it though.
    10) Why?

    You've probably watched as many films and TV shows in your life as anyone else and some pretty good ones. Even the worst TV programme will show you how to frame a shot. This was pretty bad, honestly.

    I can't give you any constructive criticism because this just isn't very good. You commented on "Taintlight" so I know that you know better. This "film" of yours is doing the same thing.

    I'm not going to blow smoke up your ass like some people would. That's just not how I roll.

    The thing you have to ask yourself is do you want to be a real filmmaker or just play around with a camera? Think storyboards, scripts, all that stuff. Preparation is 90% of the battle over.

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  9. @MsMariah Thanks for watching! I'm in the process of purchasing a boom mic.

    @Kyle Thanks for watching! ^_^ It was very experimental!

    @Dr Blood ok, well thanks for watching & I hope you watch the next one.

  10. I love the opening. you have the filming touch. Although, I do agree with Deviant about the actress's reactions. I couldn't really believe it from her. if I found out someone wasn't there at all I would be screaming or crying by the time I got to the gates. I love the guy's acting. I agree with LGH, you should make another one