Saturday, August 6, 2011

FILM -- Room 205

Originally realeased in 2008, this film is a Denmark film and that was directed by Martin Barnewitz and written by Jannik Tai Moshol. The film starts off with a young woman named Katrine who's looking for a fresh start in life. She enrolls into college and moves into the dormitory 205, duh! Katrine, who is extra happy to be there, meets another young woman named Sanne who is pretty much a conniving skank. Sanne gets upset at Katrine for hooking up with her boyfriend, therefore Sanne puts Katrine through some hazing/bullying.

Sanne and her followers scare Katrine real bad since she's the new girl. Katrine even swears that she sees a dead girl in her mirror and smashes her mirror to pieces. Because of that, she accidently releases the ghost who begins to gruesomely attack some of the dormitory residents. Of course, nobody believes Katrine's story, which is the point of the movie...well, somewhat! So, I'll stop there so I won't spoil anything.

Ok, I tried to be detailed about what kind of film this was so everyone would know what they were getting into. I wasn't sure myself before I picked it. I just randomly chose, like literally, my eyes were closed when I picked this. Don't judge me!

This movie has such a slow start to it, and I really didn't experience a build up or find the jumpy moments to be jumpy at all. In fact, I didn't even flinch, but that's just me...clearly! The film was dubbed because I and billions of others don't speak Danish; however, the acting was pretty good. It didn't have overly bloody scenes or anything which was kinda refreshing...

Overall, it was a solid supernatural/horror film with a great story, creepy in someways. I recommend it!

Just make sure if you watch it, have the lights off & a mirror near by!


  1. I do remember this being a slow film. I picked it up when I use to buy anything ghosthouse and afterdark whatever that line of dvd's were. It's def a flick to watch on a lazy night home.

  2. Awesome, I'll be sure to check this one out. Great review! :]

  3. Sounds good to me. Netflix has it as a watch instantly but haven't paid it any mind; however, now that I know (or suspect) that a conniving skank will get her comeuppance I want to see it. Always fun to see assholes go down.

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  5. Great review! I'll be checkin this one out soon. Perhaps later. Merci Beaucoup for the heads up, Zena! xxx

  6. Sounds like an interesting flick. I've never heard of it. In my experience a lot of Scandinavian films are wicked slow, but some are really good.

    Awesome review.


  7. Good write-up! Looks like an interesting flick. Will put it on the queue.