Sunday, October 30, 2011

FILM -- Bereavement

This movie was released August 30th, 2011 and directed by Stevan Mena. The movie first starts off in 1989 with a six year old boy named Martin Bristoll who is kidnapped right from his backyard in Minersville, Pennsylvania. The man who steals lil' Martin is a psychotic hermit named Graham Sutter. He keeps Martin imprisoned on his farm, forcing Martin to witness and even participate in some of his random terror acts. Each of his victim’s scream and beg for mercy but no one can hear anything since they are in middle of the country, nothing around for miiiiiiles.

Five years go by and Martin’s disappearance from his backyard remains a mystery UNTIL!...Allison Miller, a 17-year-old girl who comes to live with her Uncle, Aunt & young cousin. Like a nosey a-hole, she explores her new making out with some random boy with a nice car, walking home from school which is like...miles away, and even going jogging with her breasts all out. Then, being nosey once again, Allison discovers things aren't right at the farmhouse miles down the road, and because of that, her curiosity may kill her along with anyone else who knows. Not even that loves her--just KNOWS her.

Ok, so I wanted to see this movie ever since I heard about it and I must say I was so disappointed. I'm down for movies that want to have some tension building up, but the full result of the movie just wasn't worth it. I was bored during this movie and it really made me sleepy.
Also...I don't get why they kept on showing the girl Allison's hard nipples. Like, I don't get it. I thought I was watching a horror. It just kinda comes off desperate that the director would keep on showing that. Any girl with big breasts, more importantly any girl with common sense, would NOT leave her house without a better bra for support since she's going running--SPORTS BRA!

I don't get what the hype was about. There was great gore & all but overall, it felt very SyFyish. And that's technically not a bad thing! I guess the only good thing was the was beautiful and the air looked fresh.

Point is, I wouldn't recommend this movie. If it comes on TV and you're cooking dinner or something then sure, you can watch it, I suppose while you cook. I wouldn't recommend you spending any money on this film--even if it's a dollar, rent something else.


  1. Haha! Thanks for the laugh. :) I liked that last paragraph. Yeah, it's one thing to leave a bad movie on while you're working on something, but it's another to sit down and actually suffer through it!

  2. What a pity, I thought it'd be halfway decent.

  3. I lol-ed like four times while reading this. You are SO FUNNY, Zena!!

  4. @Justine I did suffer...but I do blame myself since I continued to watch it.

    @Ricky So did I. ;[ A pity indeed...

    @Horror Fam Thanks, Tyler! I'm glad you did. ^_^

  5. Awww, I really liked it! :) Have you seen Malevolence? I watched that first but then Bereavement is the prequel to it so it kind of worked that way anyhoo!

    And lol to the nipple comments! And you're totally right...I have huge boobage and there is no way in hell I'd run even a few steps when not wearing a bra, and jogging with no bra on, that's just not good for you at about pain fest, haha!!! xx

  6. Wow...that's kinda harsh.

    I can't say that I loved the movie...but, it was definitely enjoyable...especially, if you've seen Mena's other film...Malevolence. Bereavement is a prequel to that film.

    Martin is such an interesting character and I liked seeing his roots. As I wrote in my review over at Film Deviant...I hated that Biehn wasn't used to his fullest potential...but, that's pretty much the only thing I hated about it. Oh...and I didn't much care for some of the implausibilities. Like...when Allison sees the kid in the abandoned house and she goes after him. Personally, I would've just called the police.

    I'm sad that you didn't enjoy Bereavement.

    Also...which cut of the film did you happen to watch? Because I have to get my hands on the cut where Allison is jogging around with her breasts all out! ;)

  7. RQOH

    I reviewed this over at Necrotic Cinema and I do not dislike it all that much but the boob hangin' out thing was a little gratuitous for me, as was the dismal ending. I did not thnk it was disappointing myself but I also had not seen the Malevolence film yet, and I did not know that was a prequel. So issues here and there but I can recommend it.

    Thanks for the review on it.

  8. My sister went to see this and afterwards was complaining about that girls nipples. I thought she was joking. I told her she probably imagined it. I guess she wasn't.

  9. @Morleysaurus I knew it was a prequel but no I didn't watch Malevolence. You, my dear, are a woman with common sense!

    @Film Deviant I thought I was being nice. I didn't say the movie sucked, I just didn't like it & wouldn't recommend it or spend any money on it like I did. Lol. You ol man...not her boobs wasn't out but there was basically a thin piece of paper like clothing covering up her nips. It was just annoying & overwhelming. Maybe if I was a fan of nips I wouldn't have cared.

    @Bill Glad you enjoy the movie & the nips. :P

    @MsMariah Lol. Your sister speak the TRUTH!