Friday, October 28, 2011

Drew Smith -- A singing sensation!

I was lucky enough to come across one of my favorite artist, Drew Smith. He's an awesome singer/song writer, whose mind-blowing songs were included in the soundtrack of The Stepfather (2009) and The Roommate (2011).

I asked Drew for a quick interview and he was cool enough to do it! So, yay! For those of you who do not know who he is, first, shame on on you--second, it's never too late to start enjoying his music!

DS: My name is Drew Smith and I write songs out of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. A twitter here, a twitter there, and next thing I know Zena from the has sent me an interview!

1.) I discovered you through your mind-blowing song Melee from The Stepfather soundtrack. To you, what does that song mean or represent?

DS: I guess it is a song about letting go, and existing in the moment. I think everyone has moments where they feel like everything around them is just floating around in the air.

2.) How important is music to you?
DS: It seems to have turned into an extreme Love/Hate relationship.

3.) QUICK! It's movie night--what are your TOP 5 favorite movies?

DS: Off the top of my head and in no particular order:

- Old boy by Chan-wook park
It is not even out yet, but I am predicting “The Grandmasters” by Wong Kar Wai. Why? Three reasons one Wong Kar Wai, two Ip Man (Bruce Lee’s teacher) and three Ziyi Zhang.

- The Matrix
Any movie that is now a religion works for me. Last week I caught myself saying “I really like Morpheus’ new movie.”

Since this is a "horror” site I will dedicate my last two to the genre-at-hand.

- The Shining by Stanley Krick.
Because of the Shining Twins and Scatman Crothers.

And for a nostalgic pick:
- The People Under The Stairs by Wes Craven.
I haven’t seen this movie since I was teenager, but I do remember that Ving Rhames was in it, and that it scared the animal crackers out of me.

4.) When did you discover that you could sing, and what did you do to pursue it?

DS: I got into guitar as a teen and tried singing shortly thereafter. And by singing I mean post-pubescent screeching. Fortunately my mother found a great singing teacher who helped me through my atonalism. I thought at the time she was being quite generous, but in retrospect she was probably tired of suffering through my horrid renditions from The Smashing Pumpkin’s catalogue.

5.) Unfortunately--I can't sing, though you can't tell me anything when I'm in the car. But would you ever do a collaboration with someone? And if so, with whom & why?

DS: PJ Harvey. She has always stayed current without sacrificing her art.

6.) Love Teeth is such an awesome song but is very sad to me! :( If you could put the song in a movie scene, what kind of scene would it be in?

DS: Never intended it to be sad. So..maybe if we placed it in Toy Story 8 or something it would sway your mind!

7.) And last, what can we look forward to seeing or hearing from you next? When can we look for the new album?

DS: My new album "The Secret Languages” will be out in a months time and I am currently working on a new video for my next single.

I thank Mr. Drew Smith for this interview. I hope that everyone checks out his music because he truly is a very talented man. Below, I put three of my favorites.  Enjoy!


  1. I love Old Boy, def one of my favorites!

  2. Great interview, I checked out his site last night, and really liked his music.

  3. Wonderful interview! This is awesome. :)

  4. @Random Girl You have such awesome taste!

    @DVC Glad you enjoyed, my friend. :)

    @Jenny Thank you, you lovely woman!