Friday, September 30, 2011

CLASSIC HORROR -- Tourist Trap

I saw this movie before but decided to give it a watch again! It's pretty much about a group of young adults who are being stalked by some weirdo who can control mannequins. This weirdo with a leather mask sneaks around killing people. It is quite strange in someways but more creepy than anything. It was released on March 16th, 1979 and directed by David Schmoeller.

Five young friends break down somewhere near a secluded roadside attraction. It's one of those attractions that is abandoned. Within about 10 minutes of the film, one of the male friends is looking for help at the nearby gas station that he walks to all by his lonesome! Somehow, he gets attacked by flying objects and dummies. The friends he left behind at the car decide to go looking for him but find a lake. They then decide to strip down and go skinny dipping. An old man who owns the property comes and makes the girls feel uncomfortable. The old man doesn't really care that there are butt naked girls in his pond. He agrees to help them fix their keep and while they wait, he shows the girls along with their other male friend his not so profitable wax museum. I'll stop there, don't want to give out any spoilers! :P

I liked this film and thought it was fun. Yeah, it might seem a bit cliche nowadays and predictable, but it's entertaining. In some ways this film reminds me of House of Wax, but I think this film is creepier. I liked how certain scenes were filmed, especially the way the dolls were used. They were used in some pretty creative ways. My personal favorite thing about the film was the score. It is very strange but I like it! It's slightly disturbing but you just have to embrace it! Another thing I liked was the set design. Not only did it look creepy, but every single prop fit perfectly. The only negative for me is that if you've seen House of Wax or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, you might know what's coming. The movie is slightly predictable. I don't want to give things away because it does have some elements about it that is different. I'm not saying it is FULLY predictable.

If you adore 70s horrors, I'd say check it out for a creepy time!


  1. Oh man! Whenever I think about this movie I feel like it was a bad nightmare and not an actual film.

    It was suuuuper creepy to me. Mostly because of all the, um "figures", that were in the house and stuff. I haven't seen it for a while either, but it was just very creepy to me.

  2. It is true, is classic, but I really liked, despite has all the original elements.
    In his own way is disturbing,
    better than many others arrived later.

  3. I adore campy horror. Did you ever watch Friday the 13th the series? There was an episode in which this guy made wax mannequins kill people.

  4. Thanks for the review on this! I am putting it on my list of things to watch!

  5. I'll need to be checking this out. Never came across it before. Sounds cool, Zena :)

  6. Thanks for posting this review. I love discovering relatively unknown treasures from the 70s and I never would have found this one if it weren't for you. I loved it!