Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Film Review #13 -- Dead Mary

An underrated film that wasn't fully given a chance. It was directed by Robert Wilson and released straight to DVD February 20th, 2007. It stars Marie-Josée Colburn, Dominique Swain, Reagan Pasternak, Maggie Castle and last but not least Jefferson Brown. I decided to give a review because to me, it's a great movie with awesome, creepy ideas. It took the Bloody Mary story and turned it into something else.

You may have never heard of this movie, or maybe you have. If you have seen it, let me know. If you haven't heard of it, still let me know! Either way, you can check out the review if you please! Maybe it'll stir up something inside of you about the movie. :P


  1. Don't think I have seen this but def remember seeing that cover in stores. I,ll give it a watch when I come across it again. Great Review :)

  2. Yeah, imagine if there was something that brought out everyone's deepest, darkest secrets! That really is scary! I don't even want to know my friends' secrets.

    Anyway, I'm not familiar with this movie. Sounds like it has an interesting plot!

  3. I only just recently learned about the "Bloody Mary" story, from an episode of "Supernatural". It isn't an urban legend in Australia. It's incredibly creepy!

  4. I have't heard of this but I'll look it up. It seems that all the good horror movies never get the attention they deserve. They did that to the movie "Amusement." A lot of people didn't like that movie but I LOVED it.

  5. @SlowDeath yeah, whenever you have time check it out. It's not a time waster!

    @Justine That is creepy, the movie is full of creepy things but very enjoyable.

    @LGH Whoa! I had no idea, I thought it was universal.

    @Jenny OMG I agree! I loved Amusement too, that was a freaky movie.

    @Tracirz I'm glad you liked. ^_^

  6. Been looking for a decent Bloody Mary flick, sounds like this could be it.

  7. Definitely agree with you. Dead Mary was very underrated.