Saturday, May 10, 2014

FILM -- The Sacrament

Since The Sacrament is directed by Ti West, you're probably thinking this one will be another slow burn horror...perhaps thriller. Want to find out if you're wrong?

I'm sure we all think we know what to expect from Ti West by now. It's usually the slow burns with a big, fat WHAMMY at the end of the film. At first, I was fond of the whole building up process; however, it feels like it's time for it to retire!

The film is shot in the typical "found footage." Journalists Sam and Jake help out a fashion photographer named Patrick, who searches for his estranged sister Caroline. A letter from Caroline reveals that she has taken shelter in a religious commune know as 'Eden Parrish". So, Patrick, Sam and Jake decide to rescue her and film it in the process! The three guys travel to an undisclosed tropical location and are met at the gates of the community by armed, highly aggressive guards. Sam interviews a couple of residents and wants to interview the leader of this group known as "Father" aka Earl. Over time Sam, Jake and Patrick realize the horrifying truth behind "Eden Parrish".

To avoid spoilers, I'll stop right there because nothing sucks more then some bozo ruining a film for others! Anyhow, something I really liked about this film is the way it was shot. Yes, it was shot in the typical "found footage" way, yet I felt that I was viewing a disturbing documentary! The camera work was impeccable. It wasn't shaky or sloppy at all! I believe it was filmed this way because there are actual interviews within the film.

I do have a couple of complaints. There a lot of scenes that were a bit too frantic. I get that it was supposed to build up to a certain point; however, it was a little confusing, down to the point where I had to re-watch certain scenes. The other thing I found a bit off was that by the time we actually had "Father" on the screen, he didn't come off as a psycho religious man at all. When I first saw him, I thought if for some reason he was a psycho...he's old, guys! And it appears he may have back problems. Therefore, I think anyone can take him if you have a stick or perhaps a rock. Maybe that's just my logic!

The first forty-five minutes of the film are dedicated to the development of Eden Parrish and the residents. In the film, I absolutely love that Ti West explores extreme religious devotion. Mr. West is definitely growing as a filmmaker! Overall, I recommend that you check out this film at least one time. The Sacrament is different from Ti West's previous films. It is dark with plenty of creepy things going on. The realistic scenery, acting and story line were definitely impressive.

3 out 5 queen skulls!

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