Thursday, May 29, 2014


Written by: Federico D.

I’m not too sure what to think about this film. I guess I have to see it to construct an authentic opinion. So far I can say that the CG looks good, Angelina Jolie looks awesome, and the feel of the movie seems uniform. I just haven’t really been jumping in my seat whenever the trailer pops up.

The film unveils the history of Maleficent, the villain from the famed “Sleeping Beauty” story. As a kid, I remember her being one of the people I didn’t want to bump into on the street. Anyone pissed enough to curse a baby has to have the hardest freakin’ heart in the world. In this movie, that baby, Princess Aurora (adult, Elle Fanning), may actually hold the power that brings peace to the land. We will all see what Maleficent does when she discovers the truth in this tale.

One cool thing about this film is that the Jolie-Pitt household is offering more aside from Angelina’s performance. Their children Vivienne (playing young Aurora), Pax and Zahara make appearances in the film.

Furthermore, Linda Woolverton is one of the writers. Google this woman if you have no idea who she is; matter of fact, I’ll tell you. She constructed the screenplay for The Lion King, wrote episodes for the Garbage Pail Kids television series, did some awesomness (teleplays) on the original Teen Wolf TV Series, and planted an apple tree a few years back. Okay, I don’t know if the last part is true, but that doesn’t even matter because the rest is fact.

All this talent comes under the direction of Robert Stromberg. I’m not sure if he has ever directed a film before, but his list of accomplishments runs longer than Forrest Gump in a fresh pair of Pumas. Mr. Stromberg reminds me of my aunt who has cooked everything perfectly for as long as I can remember. Even though she’s never made peanut butter cookies, I’m pretty sure she’ll excel at it.

Still, I’m not sure what everyone else thinks about this film. Leave your comments below because I am curious about everyone’s perception and plan regarding seeing this movie this weekend.

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  1. I want to like this movie! Maleficent was the scariest Disney villain to me when I was a kid. Angelina Jolie looks perfect, although I wish she would have had slightly greenish skin. I guess I'm that attached to the original. I read that she asked to have Lady Gaga style prosthetic cheekbones put on. I also read that her children were chosen because Angelina was afraid she'd scare any other kid too much! They might have been slightly comforted knowing their mom was under all that stuff. Speaking of all that stuff, I watched a cool Maleficent makeup tutorial recently:

    Maleficent Makeup Tutorial

  2. I was also hoping to see the green skin, but as my wife always tells me,
    "Dreams are for suckas." I'm just joking. But that is cool that Angelina
    requested her kids be in the movie for that reason. I'm curious to see how
    they perform. On the other hand, I have to be honest in saying
    that I'm a little fatigued with famous actors throwing their kids in movies.
    I highly respect talent, but I get annoyed when I see a talentless person
    get a role due to relation. I've seen this hurt too many films. I guess
    this frustration stems from me throwing my cousin in a short film only to
    witness him just stare at the camera, continuously asking, "What time is
    lunch?" Hm...maybe I need to get over my own insecurities. I'll do that
    after this reply.

    I enjoyed the makeup tutorial. I've had to sit down with the wife and watch
    many of Kandee Johnson's tutorials. You know what I love that Kandee says
    the most? It's, "And then i'm going to...." I love this because you always
    think it's going to start out simple and then there's like 80 steps. My
    friend once started her video with the plan of becoming Edward Scissorhands
    but came out the other end looking like Jack Skellington. Bald head and
    all. Ah, good times.