Friday, June 26, 2015

SHORT FILM -- Kill Your Television!

The title is awesome...but was the film just as awesome?

It's no secret....I love independent films! When we were contacted to check out Shawn D. Kelley's short horror we were thrilled! Mr. Kelley brings us a tale of supernatural retribution focused on a young lady named Molly who is alone in flat being harassed by her geek neighbor Oscar when strange things start to occur.

Kill Your Televison! offers inspiring film making with awesome scenes. For such a small budget this film was able to achieve a creepy atmosphere. Shawn has quite a resume filled with three other films he's directed and he even played a zombie in the TV series, Survival of the Dumbest (2012). He was also a production assistant in the film Bad Milo (2013). I'm excited to see Shawn's future projects. I recommend Kill Your Television! to all. If you love short horror films this definitely one for you to check out.

It's refreshing to see that people are still following their dreams and making an awesome effort towards it. Below is the film's FaceBook page as well as Shawn's production company page! You can also check out the trailer for Kill Your Television! Furthermore, if you absolutely love the way the trailer looks, don't worry, you can also check out the film HERE! It's only about 23 minutes.

3 out 5 queen skulls!

Not sure if you want to check out Kill Your Television!
Check out the trailer below!

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