Tuesday, November 17, 2015

FILM -- Night of the Living Dorks (2004)

I know exactly what you're thinking, "Is this film as awesome as it sounds?"

The film opens in Haiti, there's a zombie getting blown away by a man and it's dust gets shoved into a vase. Three months later the vase makes it way to Frederich Nietzsche High in Germany. We meet Philip, a typical teenager that is constantly having wet dreams. We also meet his two best friends Wurst and Konrad. Wurst is the weed head who only thinks about sex...hence he's named after a sausage. Konrad is the typical geek with glasses and even a pocket protector! He also keeps a list of everyone who has humiliated him. These three are known as the "dorks" of the school and gets picked on by the popular kids. There's even a teacher that picks on them as well!

Philip's next door neighbor Rebecca is the local Gothic girl who is all about death and black lipstick. Rebecca has a thing for Philip but he only sees her as a friend. Philip actually has a thing for Uschi, she's a self centered blonde who is dating Wolf. Wolf is one of the main meat heads that picks on Philip and his friends. Whelp, Philip just so happens to be madly in love with Wolf's girlfriend...perhaps maybe just her breast. One night, the three friends join Rebecca and her Goth friends at cemetery in order to get Rebecca to make Philip a love potion to use on Uschi.

Rebecca and friends are in the middle of a ceremony using the ashes of the zombie from Haiti to resurrect the corpse of Kurt Cobain. Of course, things do not go as planned and the ashes are blown all over Philip, Wurst and Konrad. The friends leave since they obviously interrupted their ceremony and on their way home they are in a car accident. *GASP!* Once they wake up the realize they're in a morgue with toe tags and all! At first the three friends aren't really stressed about being dead, especially once they discover their brand spankin' new zombie powers. They even shrug off the fact that they will have a hunger for human flesh or that their body will begin to rot.

To answer your question from earlier, "Is this film as awesome as it sounds?" Yes. Yes, it is. Night of the Living Dorks has an 80s feel to it even though it was released in 2004. It's funny and looks amazing for a low budget film. The special effects are pretty believable and very gross but it's hilarious! This film is somewhat raunchy as well. There is no CGI, however the effects are good old fashioned props and make up, which I adored. I really appreciate the effort that was put into this film. The first time I watched this film was back in 2008, I watched it English dubbed and I loved it. I thought the dialogue sounded a bit off but didn't think anything of it. Probably a year or two after I re-watched it with English subtitles and loved even more! It's amazing how much the English dubbed version cut out of it's dialogue.

Overall, I recommend Night of the Living Dorks, especially if you're a fan of comedy horrors. Find this film and watch it!

3 out 5 queen skulls!

Still not sure if you want to check out NIGHT OF THE LIVING DORKS
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