Friday, November 27, 2015

FILM -- Spookfield (2014)

It's no secret I absolutely love independent horror films! Want to know if Spookfield is worth your time?

First time filmmaker Alexis Gonzalez's film Spookfield is an independent anthology film with a limited budget. This film features child abuse, murder, prostitution, murder, zombies, voodoo possession and of course more murder! Although this film is low budget I was still completely entertained and allow me to explain why!

"Tears of Trauma" is the first tale. In this short tale, we meet a man who lives alone and simply wants to read in his apartment in peace. Unfortunately, he lives next door an boisterous, abusive man who is constantly yelling at his family. The man who wants peace is completely fed up, so he does what any an angry-slightly-unbalanced individual would do! He covers up his face and breaks into his loud neighbors apartment to teach him a lesson.

The next tale is "The Town Ghoul" and it follows a drug addict trying to get more drugs. He decides to go to another man's house where he tries to hold him at gun point but things do not go as planned! The third tale is called "It isn't easy". In this one we meet a pimp who finds out one of his girls is working for another pimp! Whelp, he's not going to let this slide by. He decides to discipline her in a deadly but once again things do not go as planned. The final tale, "Wishful Thinking", follows a woman who is caught in the middle between a good cop and a bad cop when her sister found dead. What happens next? You'll have to watch to find out!

The director worked with what he had and put together awesome costumes. I really enjoyed the makeup style, it was better than I expected. Spookfield reminded me of an exploitation film, it's cheesy with some funny parts but it's fun with a dark side! There a couple of technical issues that were a bit distracting throughout the film such as the audio and scenes running bit longer than needed, however, film making is a learning process!

Overall, I recommend Spookfield to lovers of low budget independent horror films. I hope to see more films by Alexis Gonzalez.

 out 5 queen skulls!

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