Friday, October 16, 2015

Day of the Dead -- Fort Myers Film Location

Ever since I moved to Florida... of the places I absolutely needed to check out was Fort Myers! Whelp, mission achieved! In case you are super unfortunate and do not to know this but George A. Romero filmed the opening sequences of Day of the Dead (1985) in Fort Myers!

It was beautiful Saturday afternoon when I went, however, it was pretty crowded and I was soo excited I ended up only taking 3 pictures and Periscoped!

FUN FACT: That's a real alligator and the two zombies are its trainers! 

Ugh, I'm bummed I didn't take a picture in front of the Edison Theater. Boo! Tomorrow (Saturday) is the annual ZombiCon! Unfortunately, I have prior events so I won't make it this year but I do plan on going back, so I'll plan accordingly.

Currently Day of the Dead is streaming on Netflix. Just drop what you're doing and go watch it NOW.

If you live in Florida or simply love the film Day of Dead I highly recommend you 
take a stroll in downtown Fort Myers

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