Friday, October 9, 2015

FILM -- Deathgasm

I'm loving that New Zealand loves horror comedies! Great job Kiwis!

It's sometime in the 1980s and metal-obsessed Brodie gets sent to live in a small lame town with his very religious Uncle, Aunt and jerk off of a cousin after his drug-addicted mother is put away. It's crystal clear that Brodie doesn't fit in, he's lanky, with long hair, dark clothes and is constantly listening to metal. Due to Brodie being a metalhead he gets bullied in school by jocks led by his own anus-hole of a cousin! Soon Brodie meets Zakk, a fellow metalhead who doesn't care what anyone else thinks and a complete outcast like Brodie! The two decide to form a band with two other nerdy boys. The other two boys enjoy playing Dungeon and Dragons.

Oh and they decided to name their band DEATHGASM with all capital letters because “All uppercase because lowercase is for pussies."

While rehearsing Brodie discovers he sucks at the guitar however that doesn't stop him for living out  his dream! One night Brodie and Zakk breaks into the reclusive lead singer of the legendary death metal band named Haxensword. The two discover sheets of an unrecorded song and decide to steal it. Of course the two will soon discover why it was never recorded! After enduring more abuse from his cousin, Brodie fed up with everyone and everything wants to rehearse the song they stole regardless if the song means something evil.

Unfortunately, for the band they didn't even finish the whole song before passing out and having some kind of seizure. Everyone in hearing range of the music Brodie and his pals were playing turned into flesh-eating demons STRAIGHT OUTTA HELL. Soon the band DEATHGASM and Brodie's crush Medina battling it out for their lives against these oozing demons literally with dildos. The group discover that the song the rehearsed has the power to call down to demons. What makes it even worse is the demons enter the bodies of any nearby individual! This automatically grabs the attention of a satanic cult leader named Vadin and followers.

Deathgasm is a comedy horror that is actually funny! Director Jason Lei Howden deserves a double high five for this awesome film! This film is about 86 minutes that remained entertaining. I absolutely love when the demons start piling up! The actors and actresses all did a great job. I like Brodie and Zakk's friendship, it reminds me of Simon Pegg's and Nick Frost's friendship in Shaun of the Dead/Hot Fuzz.

Deathgasm is filled with messy gore, awesome music and you'll definitely remember the name! If you adore films with a fun sense of humor, amazing blood baths and a heart at the center of it, this comedy horror is definitely for you. I always wanted to visit New Zealand and this awesome film makes me want to visit it even more!

 out 5 queen skulls!

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