Tuesday, October 20, 2015

FILM -- Cursed

Cursed is not as bad as many have made it out to be...

Set in Hollywood, the film follows siblings Ellie and Jimmy, who recently lost their parents in a car crash. The two are moving on, but one night their lives are thrown into pure chaos when the two get in a car accident. To make things worse, the two are attacked and infected by a werewolf! Right away, they find themselves developing increased strength, intense senses and even an irresistible sexual drive! Since the film is called 'Cursed' you know it's not all unicorns and applesauce. There's a down side! The two siblings discover that they have a taste for raw meat and duh, blood. Eventually, they find themselves fighting for their lives as the original beast that attacked them returns to finish them off.

Cursed is known to many people for all the wrong reasons. Many people highly dislike this film and I can understand why; however, I don't agree with their opinions. This film received a lot of attention due to the fact that there were production delays. There were re-shoots, script rewrites, removal of actors, FX problems and even the decision by the studio to trim out certain violent scenes so the film could be PG-13. Unfortunately, all of these issues took away the most amazing thing, which is the reunion of Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson! The two were so influential with the slasher Scream!

Ellie and Jimmy are likable characters that are worth caring about. At first, Ellie is meek and levelheaded, while Jimmy is a smart mouth nerd. The two definitely carry the film, despite some of the typical scenes. There are other supporting characters like Jake, Ellie's boyfriend, who is also a recovering ladies man. Joanie is a spiteful co-worker of Ellie and Jimmy's bully Bo. Also, R&B singer May stars as Jenny. As far as it goes with the effects, I have to applaud this film for using actual make up effects. The werewolf didn't look too bad. It was definitely a step up from what I normally see in werewolf films. Furthermore, this film has plenty of suspense! One of my favorite scenes involves the showdown in the parking garage and elevator between the creature and his prey Jenny (Mya). The only down fall with this film for me is the fact that I wanted more guts and blood.

Overall, Cursed is far from perfect and despite the major hiccups, I enjoyed this film! Cursed is hip, modern and simple as it retells the classic werewolf legend. Even though this film came out 10 years ago, I still enjoy watching it, especially around Halloween.

3 out 5 queen skulls!

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