Thursday, August 13, 2015

UPCOMING HORROR -- Portal to Hell

Check out the trailer to the short film Portal to Hell, starring Roddy Piper. :(

This film was funded on Indiegogo earlier this year and it stars Roddy Piper who plays a simple man named Jack. Jack wants to be left alone so he can read his book but unfortunately for him the tenants in the building he manages can't seem to leave him alone. The power in the building goes out and Jack discovers two tenants opening a portal to hell in the basements! Really?! Why not just ask him to fix your clogged toilet??

Portal to Hell will premiere at TIFF in honor of the awesome Roddy Piper.

We already miss Roddy Piper but after seeing this trailer it makes you miss him even more. 

Check out the Portal to Hell trailer below! 

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