Monday, August 10, 2015

FILM -- Almost Mercy

I recently checked out Tom DeNucci's Almost Mercy...want to know if you should drop what you're doing and watch it NOW or skip it? Read to find out!

Have you ever watched a film that keeps replaying in your head days from when you first watched it? Not only does those kind of movie rock your life but they make you think! That's exactly what happened to me after I watched Almost Mercy. I was completely blown away!

The film presents to us the story two outcast kids Emily and Jackson growing up in a small town. The two are constantly being picked because their peers and authority figures do not believe they are normal. The two meet in elementary school and instantly have a connection due to a dead bird in the playground. From then on the two have a bond of hating people in their small town. One day, after constantly being bullied and a bottle of warm urine, Jackson is pushed over the edge and finally attacks his bullies. He even manages to bites some fingers off. Delightful! Jackson is sent away to psychiatric facility that separates him from Emily.

A little time goes by and Jackson returns completely unstable. He plans an elaborate revenge plot towards his peers and wants Emily to join him. Emily declines which sends Jackson to do his plan on his own. Unfortunately, when it comes down to it, Jackson is unable to do it. I suppose Jackson just doesn't have it in him. Lucky for him, his BFF Emily has the true rage in her to step up and follow through with the plan completely. From then on out it's revenge time and the finale is an epic, violent bloodbath that I absolutely adored. This film has an awesome twist; everyone thought Jackson was the ticking time bomb but it was Emily, the one you least expected! S U R P R I S E!

"I was a weird little loser like yourself."

Almost Mercy is not your typical teenage angst horror film, it's well written with great actors and so many sleek shots! I also enjoyed the music especially B. Dolan's hip-hop score, it fit the film perfectly. The two leading actors Danielle Guldin and Jesse Dufault had such a strong performance and both very believable in their role. I absolutely love the character Emily! I'd so be her friend so we can take selfies together for Instagram! As the viewer, we all get an awesome treat, Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley are in this film as supporting cast. Mr. Hodder is the smart mouth gym teacher and Mr. Moseley is the town's dirty, pedophile priest. Both did not disappoint, the two are horror icons after all!

This film tells and shows us all as the viewers the horrible reality of what happens to normal kids when they are bullied and tormented. I think that's one of the scariest things that can occur in our society. Zombies are unfortunately becoming way too mainstream, therefore monsters in horrors are constantly changing. The true monsters are in horrors are humans, it could be a doctor, your siblings, children and so on.

I'm so in love with Tom DeNucci's filmmaking! I'm looking forward to more of his films. The ONLY thing that's missing from the film Next time he makes a film I should SO be invited to his set. Overall, I highly recommend you LITERALLY stop what you're doing and watch Almost Mercy. it before Netflix takes it away forever! This film makes horror films look freakin' incredible, hopefully I didn't give away too much! You definitely will not regret it and you will be so entertained it will be pure insanity

4 out 5 queen skulls!

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