Friday, August 21, 2015

Back to School Horrors You Should Check Out!

It is that time of year again! New clothes, new books, new classes and of course new slaughter! Let's bring out the horror!

Whether you are in school or not, the end of August marks back to school time! In honor of this time, I decided to put together a list of Back to School Horrors You Should Check Out before class. There were many candidates for this list but I decided to limit myself to a random 16! There's no particular order.

Don't forget to take notes, there will be a quiz!

After Midnight (1989)

In this forgotten anthology, a weird psychology professor who is teaching his class about fear offers his students an opportunity to experience real fear at his home. Doesn't that sound creepy?? Anyhow, they all end up telling each other scary stories which involves their own personal nightmare.

Cherry Falls (2000)

People seem to forget this one since it came out after Scream. This straight to video film takes place in the small town of Cherry Falls, VA where there's a long haired lady who is killing virgins! *GASP!* What a twist for a horror, huh??

The Craft (1996)

Sara, the new girls, falls in with three outcast girls who practice witchcraft. As expected, things start out great, the girls are getting revenge on bullies but of course, things take a turn for the worse!

The Faculty  (1998)

If you haven't seen this one already, I don't understand your life! A group of high school students discover that aliens have taken over the bodies of their teachers!

Suspiria  (1977)

An American ballet student discovers her new, fancy, prestigious Germany dance school has a dark secret that's sinister and supernatural.

Ginger Snaps  (2000)

Going through puberty is already tough enough but imagine something far from growing hair on your everywhere! What if you had a insatiable thirst for blood? *DUN DUN!*

Night of the Creeps (1986)

College students go up against slug like alien parasites that enter humans through the mouth and turn their host into deadly zombie!

Scream (1996)

A teen girl named Sydney along with her friends are being stalked by a masked murderer in this slasher classic.

Death Bell (2008)

In this awesome Korean horror, it focuses on top high school students who are about to take a special college preparatory class during school break. Unfortunately for these smarty pants they find themselves trapped by an unknown killer who kidnaps them one by one. In order to save the life of whoever was kidnapped the students must solve a puzzle. So much pressure!

The House on Sorority Row (1983)

An innocent prank goes wrong and leaves a group of sorority sisters to be stalked and murdered one by one in their own sorority house.

Dance of the Dead (2008)

This film is a comedy horror that is genuinely hilarious and very entertaining! It follows a teen goofball who battles through a zombie outbreak on prom night in order to save his ex-girlfriend who dumped him hours earlier.

Prom Night (1980)

One of the most well known slashers films of the 80s! It had to be my the list! This film takes place on the night of a high school prom. There's a masked killer who is targeting four students for revenge. Also! There's a random dance scene that Jamie Lee Curtis is in. I'm pretty sure she took this role mainly because of the dance scene. I don't blame her!

Carrie (1976)

You know the story of this Stephen King adaptation! If not, in a nutshell; a shy high school girl who gets picked on at school finds out she has powers.

Suicide Club (2002)

A group of 50 school girls willingly jump in front of a train which flares baffling suicides around the country! This film is extremely peculiar and very bloody! Who would want a school year like that??

Disturbing Behavior (1998)

Steve, the new kid to the town of Cradle Bay discovers something sinister about the town's method of altering the rebellious teens into upstanding citizens. Just think The Stepford Wives but teenagers!

H  O  N  O  R  A  B  L  E       M  E  N  T  I  O  N  

Fortress (1985)

This is more of a thriller but I still had to mention it! I absolutely love Australian films so I had to include this one! In this awesome thriller, masked men kidnap a young teacher and her class from a remote schoolhouse. In the beginning of the film it's far from a thriller but that will change quickly! This film is a mix of Home Alone and Lord of the Flies.

What would be on your Back to School Horrors list?

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