Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Where do I begin with this poster? It's not scary, it's not creepy, it's not creative, it's ridiculous. There are so many things WRONG with this poster that I just don't understand. And honestly, I really want to understand. Really.

First thing I don't get is the face, particularly the section where the eyes are supposed to be. Instead of eyes, it's four nostrils and two screaming mouths. Is it supposed to be creepy? ...Well, it's not, it's terrible. Moving on, I don't understand why this girl...or person who is on the cover is smiling. And I'm not sure if that's the color of her lips, if it's lipstick, or if she smokes too much. I just don't know! Whoever thought that this was going to be a great idea should be banned from ever doing film posters again, perhaps even banned from being allowed near films. 

If you haven't seen this film before, it's a remake of the 2003 Japanese film with the same title that was directed by the awesome Takashi Miike.  As far as it goes with the American version, I can't tell you what to expect because I don't remember since I watched it when it first came out and never looked back. I'm not saying it was a bad film, I just don't remember. If you do decide to watch it, forget about the poster, otherwise you might just think the whole film is a joke. 

The film was released on January 4th, 2008 and was directed by Eric Valette. It stars Edward BurnsShannyn Sossamon and Ana Claudia Talancón.

SYNOPSIS: Several people start receiving voice-mails from their future selves - messages which include the date, time, and some of the details of their deaths.

What do you think of the One Missed Call poster?

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