Sunday, September 28, 2014

FILM -- White: The Melody of the Curse

When it comes to South Korea entertainment...I'm in love!

Whether if it's shows or movies, South Korea is winning! Director Kim Gok and Kim Sun have done such an awesome job with this creepy film! I'm super excited to do a review on it!

The story follows an up-and-coming K-Pop group called Pink Dolls, which consist of four members; Eun Ju, Je Ni, Ah Rand and Shin Ji. The leader of the group Eun Ju is constantly being disrespected by the other girls in the group because she's older than them. They all believe that Eun Ju is just an old washed-up wanna-be pop star who will NEVER make it. I found that bananas because she looks the same age as the other girls but whatever! After a terrible performance at a live show, the group manager informs the members that they will be moving to an upgraded studio/dormitory so they can live and practice in. It all is going pretty well until one day while Eun Ju was exploring their new place, she stumbles upon a VHS tape labeled 'White'. She unknowingly watches the tape that contains an unknown girl group performing an awesome, catchy song which is called "White"...duh. The group is fantastic, they all sing and move well so of course Eun Ju was in awe. After Eun Ju tells others what she discovered, the record company thinks that the song "White" would be the perfect song for Pink Dolls to cover. Yup, they stole it! Their justification for stealing the song is that there are no records of it nor have anyone ever heard of or recognize the band on the VHS. Hmm.

The girls in the band Pink Dolls cover the song, learn the choreography and instantly the sing becomes a hit! Pink Dolls become a hot commodity and everybody is in love with these girls but their success comes with a deadly price. All of sudden a number of creepy and gory accidents begin to happen to whoever sings the song and take the lead in the band. Eun Ju starts to suspect that it might be the original song writer of "White" who is seeking revenge on the skanks who stole her beloved song and taking the credit. I will stop right here to avoid spoilers because this film needs to be watched if you haven't seen it!

The film White: The Melody of the Curse has such an amazing and intense plot that will keep you fully entertained. There were some jump scares however that didn't make the film at all. The atmosphere of the film was completely eerie and I feel that many other people felt the eeriness while watching. The characters were my favorite part of the film because although they all had the same dream you could sense the desperation for fame and the selfish personalities within each character. In a way White: The Melody of the Curse educated the viewers by showing the dark world of K-Pop culture. It's filled with extreme competition, obsession with age and looks, and let's not forget the broken friendships and lives all for the spotlight. I absolutely loved how the film showed an issue important in the modern Korean culture. I know it's not horror related but hopefully I'm not the only on who noticed this! Hopefully!

Moving on, the only negative thing I have to say about this film is that it has the typical Asian horror formula. I know I'm not the only one who knows what that is! There always a girl, rarely a boy, who was ridiculed until an accident or plan ends up killing her. The girl can't seem to move on to the afterlife so instead her soul is angry and comes back as an evil spirit seeking justice to destroy those who wronged her when she was alive. BAM, that's the typical Asian horror formula! No, it's not EXACT but the film is somewhat similar.

Overall, I really enjoyed White: The Melody of the Curse and I recommend it to all, especially to those who don't usually watch horror films. I recommend it to those who don't usually watch horror films simply because THIS is what a horror movie should be. I also feel that there are many ways this film can be interpreted so if you've seen this film try to narrow it down to one.

Not sure if you want to watch? Check out the trailer!

4 out 5 queen skulls!

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