Sunday, September 14, 2014

FILM -- The Penny Dreadful Picture Show

How far would you go to experience true love's kiss?

The Penny Dreadful Picture Show is a horror anthology that has three stories that represent three decades. The film features a creepy rag doll, Penny Dreadful who is searching for true love’s kiss! So in order to achieve this goal she invites men she met on the internet to come watch a movie with her in a run down filthy theater filled with creepy, bald, bug-eyed baby dolls. She is accompanied by her two sidekicks a crusty zombie and a hairy wolf boy.

If the man who is going to give Penny Dreadful this true love kiss he has to be able to accept Penny, of course and the violent, horrific films! Seems pretty simple if the man is a horror fan, doesn’t it? Well, Penny wants her man to jump with joy when these blood-curdling films appear on screen!

The first feature is the shortest of the three and it’s by Nick Everhart and its titled “Slash-in-the-box“. This one is about an antique Jack-in-box that turns out to be more evil than joyous! I’m sure you can guess what happens in this one! Although this one was predictable, it was still entertaining! Plus it’s a twisted view on Jack-in-the-box, who doesn’t love horror films that feature toys that attack? This one reminded me of something from Tales From the Darkside and that’s definitely a compliment! Unfortunately, I didn’t find it memorable, perhaps you will?

The second feature is by Eliza Swenson (Penny Dreadful) titled “The Morning After” and it takes place in the 1960′s! It follows a young woman who is currently experiencing the utterly embarrassing walk of shame that becomes a deadly twist. Although, visually it was beautiful especially the costumes, sadly I found it a bit dull. I wasn’t too sure where it was going however the wrap up of this short was more entertaining then the start of it. All you perverts out there will be happy to know this feature involves lesbian vampires. This short reminds me of a Hammer Film which once again, is definitely a good thing!

The final feature is by Leigh Scott and it’s titled “The Slaughter House“. It sets itself up as a Texas Chainsaw Massacre with the young adults traveling, the van, the creepy family…totally a rip off, right? Wrong! It quickly does a 360 on us! And reveals something I definitely didn’t see coming. I absolutely love the cast and was very impressed with their performance. Particularly Jeffrey Combs’, I could definitely tell he was enjoying himself playing a challenged, crippled character who decides to punish those who take too much of his beloved cake.

Overall, I enjoyed The Penny Dreadful Picture Show and recommend it to those who love anthology horrors! I was entertained and highly amused while watching, that’s all I ask for! There is plenty of gore, gives homage to classic horrors, has plenty of humor and memorable scenes/characters. My only complaint is the ending, I simply wanted more. So, I guess–technically that’s not a complaint, it’s a compliment! Penny Dreadful played by Eliza Swenson represents the film as the hostess and was a joy to watch. She gave playfulness yet a demented personality!

If you’re looking for fun yet a dark flick, I say give The Penny Dreadful Picture Show a shot!

 out 5 queen skulls!

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