Wednesday, September 17, 2014

FILM -- Like A Doll

I've always had a thing for insanely, messed up and gored-up French horrors....

and now I think I found one of my favorite French horrors! Director Joseph Catté has answered all my horror prayers with his awesome short film, Like A Doll! Although this film is only five minutes long, it doesn't make it any less eerie.

The film focuses a gorgeous young woman, drinking tea as she tells us how she murdered a man with a razor blade and toilet seat lid. We never find out who the person is that she murdered. It could be a boyfriend, husband, lover or even herself?!

As the young woman tells the story, we witness all the gory details of her murder the man. Although, we are not told who he is, we have to decide if he is an actual person or perhaps a manifestation of something psychological that she yearned to kill. It completely blew my mind that the young woman sat calmly with a cup of afternoon tea, casually telling the viewers what she did. How can someone be so calm after slicing someone up with a razor then bashing their head in with a toilet seat. That's completely twisted...I love it! 

The first scene really impressed me, reminding me of a mix between an early 1980s Italian horror film and a modern French horror! I watched this film more than once, simply because I really enjoyed it and also so I could get a better feel for it. I have zero complaints of the short film Like A Doll! Visually, everything looked plain awesome: the make up, the colors, the setting; and let's not forget the gore and blood. There was more than enough! Even the music was fantastically creepy yet beautiful! I'm a huge fan of film editing and the editing was superb!

Overall,  I highly recommend Like A Doll to all! I absolutely loved the mixture of different styles--the calm bright lit tea room to the bloody-gore-fest filled energetic moments. I recommend that you watch the short more than once since the film is very complex. I'm now a fan of Joseph Catté and am definitely curious to see more of his work! He is an amazing director--plain and simple! I especially felt this way once I found out the short film only had a crew of three people! Yep, just a crew of three, including the lead actress. Check out this film as soon as you can and don't be discouraged by the subtitles...reading is fundamental! 

Give Like A Doll a chance and I definitely feel it will stay on your mind afterwards.

Enjoy the film below!

5 out 5 queen skulls!

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