Tuesday, June 24, 2014

FILM -- Devil in My Ride


This film taught me a great lesson on wedding gifts!

Devil in My Ride is a comedy-horror that focuses on Doreen and Hank, who are getting married in a couple of days. Doreen gets a call from her sleazy, estranged brother Travis. She hasn’t seen or heard from him in years; so of course, she is happy to hear from him, especially with him saying he’s going to attend her wedding. However, the groom to be, Hank, isn’t excited about the news. On the way to the wedding in Hank’s black van (aka Black Mama), Hank stops to help two women, one of them coughing up what looks to be liquid cheese! The women have a truck piled up with random items, upon which Travis sees a locket necklace he would like to give his sister as a wedding gift. As compensation for assisting the women, he asks if he can have the locket. In a tone of warning, the woman tells Travis it’s not for sale. Of course, he doesn’t listen and manages to take the locket anyway!

Travis gives Doreen the necklace during the reception and reads an inscription that falls from it, claiming it’s a blessing. Of course, it’s actually a demonic power that unleashes right on Doreen! She becomes possessed and tries to attack everyone! Travis and Hank manage to get her to Black Mama where Travis suggests that they visit his old friend Iggy, an expert on supernatural things! Soon, Iggy informs the two guys that Doreen is possessed by an extra wicked demon. Doreen only has a short time before it will fully take control over her body and condemn her soul forever. From there, Travis and Hank take off on a long, cross-country road trip to find their only hope, a legendary exorcist. The trip to him is filled with arguments, sedations of Doreen, and one terrible thing after another.

Overall, I really enjoyed Devil in My Ride! For this film to be an independent comedy horror, it’s definitely entertaining. My favorite character was Travis, played by Frank Zieger. Although he was a motormouth, he was hilarious and a complete charmer. How can you not like him? The chemistry between Frank Zieger and Joey Bicicchi (Hank) was what really made the film because although they had a love/hate relationship, they were a great match! Also, Erin Breen (Doreen) did an awesome job. I love how she easily went from being super sweet to literally a demon from hell.

My only complaint about the film is that Doreen didn’t have a lot of screen time. I would have loved to see her more before she turned into a vulgar demon. I applaud director Gary Michael Schultz and writer Mike Dozier for keeping the film full of action. It had suspense and wasn’t a drag. The more you get towards the end of the film, the more entertaining and awesome it becomes. I’m super excited to see what Mr. Schultz does next and hopefully, for some strange yet awesome reason, he could ask me to be a part of the cast!

4 1/2 out 5 queen skulls!

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