Monday, June 2, 2014

FILM -- Maleficent

Written by: Federico D.

Guys, if you didn’t see Maleficent over the weekend, shame on you!

The movie was hands down one of the best films this summer. I posted last week that I had some reservations about the film, especially with my dwindling enthusiasm over scenes selected for the trailers. Still, I had a feeling that with director Robert Stromberg’s track record and Angelina Jolie’s level of commitment to acting—there would be something worth watching with this film. I must say that it exceeded my expectations.

Honestly, from the end of last year up to now, a few movies strutted some horrible special effects. Yet, Maleficent presented amazing CG work at the hands of 4DMax, Method Studios, Moving Picture Company, The Senate Visual Effects, and many others. I expected nothing less from director Stromberg, knowing his involvement in many blockbuster hits as a visual effects supervisor. On the other hand, I presumed that the storyline would take a back seat to the special effects. I just had a feeling, aware that the story had been altered from the original. Truthfully, it’s rare for me to appreciate a movie that deviates from an original storyline in my childhood. I can respect a retelling or reinterpretation, but changing key things in a story usually aggravates me to no end. However, for a brief moment I foolishly disregarded the gifts of Linda Woolverton as the writer of Maleficent. The story flipped in a delightful way that I sincerely appreciated.

Now, it’s time for the talk of the town. Angelina Jolie, girl, you did it again. She really showcased her range as an actress, displaying three types of love: friendship, romance, and child-rearing. Furthermore, she gave us comedy, fear, leadership, hate and revenge. Someone who can do this seamlessly and convincingly deserves 1,000 kudos in my book.

Aside from Jolie’s performance, I will publicly answer a question that my sister-in-law asked me and I assume others want to know. Aurora was not annoying in this film. The question was asked because in the previews, Aurora seems to be smiling like that guy who always smiled in the corner seat of your seventh grade science class. You all know who I’m talking about. There’s a four second rule on smiling. Everyone knows that. Go past that limit, and the smile becomes creepy. Okay, sadly we don’t marvel at everything Aurora marvels at; but I promise you, she never turns into that creep you’re uncomfortable around. At least, she never did for me.

I will address one last uncertainty. For some reason, my wife whispered that the action in Maleficent reminded her of The Avengers. If she were any other person, she would’ve been choked for a comment like that. Yet, I confess that the action was impressive to an action movie nut like me. I write this to assure all the hardcore, Expendables-loving men that this movie will not erode any of your manhood. I checked my own manhood in the hall after I left the theater and everything still met regulations. Burp was on par. Shoulders were still squared. Fart was loaded. I was all good, bro.

Second to last, it appears that the film made about $70,000,000 its opening weekend. About $13 of that was from me. (You’re welcome Angelina.) Anyway, I’m positive that this number will go up, certainly about $26 more since I’m taking the nephews to see it.

As an important side note, I love different movie theaters, but I must give a shot out to AMC Theaters this time. They buttered and salted my popcorn to perfection for this theatrical experience. Good looking out, guys.

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