Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Film Review 28 -- The Roommate

Thsi film was directed by Christian E. Christiansen and officially released on February 4th, 2011. I decided to do a FULL detail review on The Roommate--not quite horror but a thriller. Mainly because I wanted to film it how I would have liked to see it!

This film was's a remake to Single White Female which is on a whooole another level from this PG 13 flick. The only great thing about this film was the soundtrack. Oh yeah and I don't recommend this film! G'day!

I give this film 1 out of 5 queen received another star for it's awesometastical soundtrack!


  1. It says error on the video.
    Freakin' You Tube!

  2. I got a good laugh out of that video! Your boyfriend (I'm assuming he's your boyfriend) got to be multidimensional! I liked the pink flower and earrings ensemble. :)

    I'd never heard of "The Roommate" before now, but I'll be sure to not watch it! Too bad it was the same old thing. Having a new roommate can be scary! I could have supplied enough real scary roommate stories to fill the whole movie. Actually, everyone I know has a real horror story from having roommates! At least I've never been locked in a closet while someone stole my identity. :)

  3. I actually liked this movie which is no surprise since I usually like movies most people don't. I also really like Single White Female, very bad ass. :)

  4. Great video! Will definitely avoid this Single White Female rip-off!

  5. @Max know YouTube! x_x

    @Justine Thank you! You're so awesomely supportive. :} And yes, he's my fiance/boyfriend! He borrowed my earrings for that role!

    @Jenny That's how it is with me! Usually I love movies people hate but with this one I was so disappointed. The so called crazy chick wasn't really threatening to me. Bleh.

    @Ty Thanks! It really is a rip off not really a remake, I have NO idea why I said remake. :|

  6. Your roommate sounds like a dude and has a hairy face!
    Ahahahahaha! Video worked this time. Good job :-)

  7. Shocked that you even bothered to review this movie. It was almost worse than OBSESSED.

  8. New Hampshire? Haha, it definitely is cold up here, though not as bad this winter. Was that in the movie, or did you just randomly pick NH? And I think it's always good, when you have a review site, to review the movies you didn't like. I always feel like I at least got something out of it that way-- and in your case, you got to make a fun short movie. Nothing wrong with that.