Sunday, February 26, 2012

CLASSIC HORROR -- Girl School Screamers

This movie was released sometime in 1984 and was directed by John P. Finnegan. The film begins with some young boys and one of the boys is dared to go into the house that they're standing right outside of. The boys are standing outside of the Wells mansion, the home of a deceased millionaire. Of course, it wouldn't be a horror if he didn't take the dare! As the boy slowly starts to make his way up some stairs, the door that leads to the attic opens and there stands a woman in a wedding dress, her rotting, maggot filled face angled down at the boy. Instictively, the boy runs away screaming.

Fast forward! We're then introduced to a class of rowdy girls attending a Catholic Finishing School. We find that the teenage girls, along with a nun named Sister Mary, are supposed to spend the weekend at the millionaire's estate to clean up and pack up a dead millionaire man's entire art collection. Off the teenage girls and Sister Mary go to the creepy mansion to begin hard weekend's work to catalogue all the art in the house. by one the girls are going missing. Little do the teen girls know that an ex-student at their school died in a mysterious fall in the VERY same mansion back in 1939. And let's not forget that the place is haunted  The young boy from the beginning who ran screaming out of this house could have told them all!

Now, with a name like this one, you'd think it'll be pretty cheesy, huh? Well. You're wrong! It's actually pretty awesome. I love slasher films, and unfortunately, this film is a hidden gem. It doesn't have naked big boob chicks running around in it--sorry to those who were looking forward to that. Not every horror movie has to have naked girls in it.

If you want to see naked girls, perhaps you should go to hell....or go watch porn. Just kidding. If nudity fits the feel of a movie, then why not? Anyway, this movie isn't really gorey BUT it really does have a creepy storyline to it. It is a bit out dated especially with the sound effects and all, but I think it adds more awesomeness to it! I give this movie 3 out of 5 queen skulls!


  1. I love the first five minutes of Girl School Screamers. That slimy ghost gives the flick a creeeeepy vibe early on. The middle section drags a little but the spooky atmosphere helps the film.

  2. As I tweeted to you, I'd never heard of this movie before. It sounds worth checking out! I would have thought from the movie's title, that it would just be some sexy girls thing. Sounds like there's an actual scary plot!

    By the way, I like that last paragraph. :) Watch out you nudity seeking men. Haha! I always thought it was strange that so many movies mix nudity with gruesome violence/horror. Those things don't fit together in my mind, but a lot people seem to require both of those elements in their movies!

  3. This looks like something I would def check out. Hopefully I will get a chance to.