Thursday, July 21, 2011

CLASSIC HORROR -- Bloody Birthday 1981

This is a RARE, classic slasher from the 80s that was directed by Ed Hunt and released sometime in 1981. I've been searching for this movie since I knew that there were disturbing, emotionally detached children in it who go around killing people. The film begins with three babies being born in the same hospital at the same time with separate parents at the peak of a full solar eclipse. Ten years later, these innocent looking kids begin their own killing spree just before their birthday bash. No one is safe; these kids go for anybody.

It's known that when children are born, they have a clean slate, meaning they don't know right from wrong. When I was taking early childhood classes, one of the few things I remember from class was a famous developmental psychologist named Jean Piaget who believed that children followed the morality of mainly their family before they hit 10 years old. Once a child hits 10 years old, they develop their own conscience and begin forming their own opinions and making their own decisions. With that being said, in this film, since all three of the children were born during the eclipse, they don't have that luxury where they know what's right from wrong. Therefore, these three kids go on a killing spree.

I really enjoyed this movie & it's so rare to come across slashers like these. I recommend this to all, definitely a good watch!


  1. Blog that reflects my tastes, I'll read and read! :)
    You have pulled out of a movie is not well known but not bad, has its positive side, the story of the eclipse is quite original! In Italy it was distributed with the title: "Compleanno in casa Farrow".


  2. Aww, thank you, Luigi! "Compleanno in casa Farrow", that sounds beautiful not like a horror. Lol.

  3. Love this movie so. The kids are so twisted. Now you have to see The Pit was also a weird one.

  4. I remember this one. It freaked me out as a kid. These kids were so crazy. It reminded me too much of 4th grade.

  5. @Slowdeath77 They really were twisted. I did see The Pit & I liked it. I felt bad for the little boy Jamie because he was just lonely. :( Not trying to justify why he did what did but still!

    @MsMariah Aww really? Were there 3 kids in your class similar to these angelic looking kids? Or were you one them?? Hmmmm.

  6. I've never heard that theory about children making those kinds of decisions after the age of 10. That's really interesting!

    The kids in that movie all sound like sociopaths to me!

  7. Yeah, I thought it was pretty interesting that at age 10 they start to form their own little opinions & what not. I always thought that came earlier but I thought it'll be cool mentioning!

    Lol. That's what they were cute sociopaths.

  8. Why in the HELL have I never seen or heard of this??
    Sounds like the kids on my street :D

    Merci Beaucoup, for the heads up, yr Highness!

  9. "Compleanno in casa Farrow" sounds like a comedy with Ben Stiller! :D

  10. I just watched this one last week, I love it!!

  11. @Kyle beware of those kids! You're so welcome. I hope you check it out & then you can let me know what thought. :D

    @Occio Sulle Espressioni Lol. I guess but still sounds PURTY to me.

    @Camie Yay! A woman with great taste. :)

  12. I actually saw this movie on late night cable last week! I enjoyed it mostly because I get a kick of late '70s and early '80s hairdos and clothing. The kid w/ glasses reminds me of my formerly nerdy self, except that I wasn't a psycho killer.

    A lot of the cast needed extra acting lessons, but it added to the fun.

    The whole sniper girl with the bow & arrow in the closet was nasty. She must have been a good shot to nail her victim.

    Minor quibble: a lot of the skills demonstrated by the kids in the film was a bit iffy because of the time required to learn them. Especially stuff about sabotage, vital organs, archery, lying w/ a straight face, etc.

    As for the whole nature & nurture of developmental psychology, I lean towards the nurturing aspect for how children pick up values & stuff. Genes are overrated methinks.

    Great article, glad I was extra relaxing at home to catch this film!

  13. @TZH, that boy with the glasses was funny, especially when he smiled, he was cute just psycho.

    Very true about the sabotage and lying with a straight face. Very observant of you!

    I'm glad you enjoyed. :P

  14. @Real Queen. I saw it! and once again your fine taste just shines though. I'll be reviewing very soon. For turning me onto an unknown horror, you have my allegiance! :) Those kids were mean little bastards. Loved it!:D

  15. Also, that kid with the glasses was more punchable than freakin Bono, man! Well, almost...

  16. @Kyle Glad I could help! ;D LOL! OMG! He was.

  17. for a while (i don't know about now) the entire film was on youtube in chapters.

  18. another film you may enjoy is the devil times five with a very, very young leif garrett. it is a mess of a movie. look it up on wikipedia, etc. it was a difficult shoot. it is an interesting film none the less. i think it was a producer who got so enraged with his director he threw him through a glass window.

  19. here is a little film i would highly recommend. it is directed by mario bava. i don't want to give away too much. here is a quote from wikipedia: "Multiple titles
    One of the film's many alternate titles

    According to Tim Lucas, Bava’s film is "probably known by more titles than any other movie ever released."[5] Its best-known title is Twitch of the Death Nerve,[15] but it has been shown theatrically and appeared on home video under a bewildering variety of titles. In Italy, the pre-production draft screenplay was called Odore di Carne ("The Stench of Flesh"), but the shooting title was originally Cosi imparano a fare i cattivi ("Thus Do We Live To Be Evil"), which was soon changed to Reazione a catena ("Chain Reaction"). After production was completed, it was announced as Antefatto ("Before the Fact"), but when finally released to theatres, the title had changed once again, this time to Ecologia del delitto ("The Ecology of Murder").[6]

    In the United States, it was originally released as Carnage, then retitled Twitch of the Death Nerve. It is also known as Bay of Blood (or A Bay of Blood), Last House on the Left – Part II (or Last House – Part II), and New House on the Left.[16] In the UK, it was released as Bloodbath. The Internet Movie Database also lists Bloodbath Bay of Blood and Bloodbath Bay of Death as alternate titles.[17]"

  20. I caught this one around last Halloween, I thought it was a fun time too. Definitely worth checking out for people who haven't.

  21. That kid with the glasses look very angry. Thanks.

  22. @John I never hear of the Devil movie you're talking about but I'll be sure to check it out! Sorry for the late response!

    @ Strawberry You really do!

    @DVC Agreed!

    @Eye test LOL. He does.