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FILM -- Prom Night

Wednesday, May 30, 2012Zena Horror

This remake isn't a remake...in fact, to me, it just so happens to have the same title as the 1980 classic Prom Night, directed by Paul Lynch and starring Jamie Lee Curtis.

Anyhow, this review is on the 2008 -- Prom Night, directed by Nelson McCormick and released April 11th, 2008. The film starts off with a young girl named Donna who returns home one night to find that her psycho stalking teacher, Mr. Richard Fenton, has murdered her whole family except for her mom...at least not yet. Donna hides underneath the bed, covering her mouth and watching her teacher who demands to see Donna at once. Furious at not receiving an answer, he stabs her mother several times as she watches!

Poor Donna is clutching over her own mouth in horror, witnessing her mom being gutted. Blah, blah...the police come and stop Mr. Fenton and his pure BLOODY sheningans. Fast forward three years later--Donna survives that splatter party and Mr. Richard Fenton is somewhere in a psycho ward.

Donna still has nightmares about her splatter witnessing but she’s coping. She's ready to party since prom night is right around the corner. She has a loving boyfriend and four other friends to party with. Unfortunately, for Donna and friends, Mr. Fenton has escaped! (SCARY MUISC PLAYS) He's in shadows watching Donna and anyone who gets too close to her all night long. I'll stop there to avoid spoilers--in case anyone is interested in seeing this flick!

I remember back in '08, I actually wanted to see this movie. I went to the theaters and all. Yep...I sure did. Anyhow. I was disappointed in this movie but it's not as HORRID as people claim it to be. It's actually entertaining in a cliche-I-know-what's-going-to-happen kinda way. It's NOTHING like Prom Night 1980 as I stated before, they made it into something else, which really isn't too horrible since remakes are happening regardless of my endless rants. I just wish that they explained/showed WHY Mr. Fenton was so obsessed with Donna. It was weird because they never did...like ever.

Sooo....this movie was predictable but entertaining. I wouldn't really recommend this movie unless you'd only plan on watching this movie once. That would be good enough. Also, I guess I can see why some people liked it. Anyhow, because I wasn't completely disgusted with this movie, just lost and scramble-y sometimes, I'm going to give this film 2 out of 5 queen skulls.

Has anyone seen this movie? More importantly, did you go to your prom?

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