Friday, May 18, 2012

FILM -- Popularity Killer

So, I had the awesometastical pleasure of checking out Slasher Studios very own film Popularity Killer. It's a dark comedy horror short with just a $5,000.00 budget and only seven filming days. This film was directed by Steve Goltz and written by Kevin Sommerfield. I love independent filmmakers' films. You can always see the hard work and of course they usually have a good taste for gore. So obviously, I was thrilled to spend 19 minutes checking out this film!

It pretty much starts off with a teenage girl named Caitlin. She is found murdered in back of her school, Payton High. There are mixed feelings on the girl's death because some people didn't really care for her. Now a group of teens at Payton High is kind of on edge; however, their fears don't stop them from wanting to party more. They actually decide to have a horror movie party due to the circumstances! Plus, Caitlin's boyfriend, who is a possible suspect in her murder, is attending. Soon, the teens try to discover who is killing the most popular students in school. Their friends are dying off one by one in such blunt ways!

So, this film wasn't what I thought it was going to be but not a bad way. It was actually refreshing. The only thing is that I wanted the characters to be a bit more developed. I didn't really have a connection or feel a certain way for any of them. I did notice the music in the film and thought that it fit very well though I wouldn't have settled for some of the sound effects. Overall, I did enjoy this film and thought it was filmed awesomely. I was very impressed by the shots and camera angles. Also, the actors performed impressively! I recommend this film for people who know how to enjoy independent films and appreciate slasher horrors! The art of gore in this film was pretty sensational! I give this film 3 out of 5 queen skulls! I was very impressed!

To check out Popularity Killer or other Slasher Studio films check out their website here:


  1. Great review for a really terrific short film. Enjoyed it a lot; IMO it's even better than the Slasher Studios' previous effort "Teddy", which was also pretty fun.

  2. I like short films, they have to beat the rubbish that is in the cinema a lot now. I wonder if its on youtube?

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  4. Sweet! This looks right up my alley! Also that last guy - uber cutie. ;) Thanks for sharing!