Friday, May 4, 2012

SHORT FILM -- We Are What We Eat

SYNOPSIS: Nicole is bitten by her zombie boyfriend… Or is she? We follow as she descends into a waking nightmare that will end her life as she knows it. 

So, I received an email from Darien Davis (Producer) to check out a short film called We Are What We Eat directed by a 16-year-old aspiring director Sam Toller! They shot this film in 2 days! The film has been submitted into various upcoming film festivals and will take place in Zombie Voodoo Festival in June.

To learn more about this awesome film, check out their links!


  1. 16 years old? Directors are getting quite precocious these days! Sounds pretty interesting.

  2. Directors coming in all ages and forms! How awesome! It was a very awesome film, I was lucky enough to check it out.

  3. Ha, I got the same mail a few days ago :) Will watch and review in the next few days - excited!!

  4. I will definitely check this movie out, Zena. It sounds interesting!