Friday, May 11, 2012


One of the more truly bizarre coming of age horror stories premiered at this past January’s Sundance Film Festival. The film was acquired by Anchor Bay for release later this year. This film was directed by Richard Bates Jr. Beautiful AnnaLynne McCord (90210) plays an incredibly unattractive, messy, disturbed and delusional high school student who picks her scabs and has aspirations of a career in being a surgeon. She goes to extreme measures to earn the approval of her controlling mother.

AnnaLyne McCord's character is Pauline, a 17-year-old, alienated girl who struggles with fitting in High School along with pleasing her parents and satisfying her hardcore desire to lose her virginity. Not only that, she has grotesque curiosity for the darker side of life! Since she is considered a social outcast by everyone around her, it doesn't help that she's 'turned on' by flesh and finds herself retreating into her fantasies to become a great surgeon. Of course, she'll have to stay sane first!

Below you can enjoy the NSFW trailer!


  1. seen the trailer a few days ago and it completely blew me awy - super-excited for this!

    btw, you look gorgeous on your banner!

  2. @EerieErik So do I!

    @Maynard It blew me away too, I NEED to see this film. Need! And thank you! You're so awesome! ^_^

  3. This is one I'm planning to see, for sure! Thanks for the news, Zena! I actually hadn't heard about it before.