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Interview -- Bobby Rhodes, the most famous pimp in horror history!

Thursday, February 09, 2012Zena Horror

I hope everyone is doing great, I know I am! I was so lucky to have the opportunity to interview Bobby Rhodes! If you don't know who he is...shame on you! But it's ok, you can watch the interview and be introduced to him.

Bobby Rhodes is the most humble person I was ever able to encounter. I've always been a fan of his awesome acting and it was such an honor and absolute pleasure to be able to interview Tony the Pimp! Mr. Rhodes is best known among horror fans for his portrayal of characters in the movies Demons and Demons 2--both of which I SO recommend! I just love how he emerged into the horror world. Amazing! I do plan on having a horror movie with a pimp and I totally would LOVE if Mr. Bobby Rhodes was the pimp.

Anyhow! Check out my interview where I ask Mr. Rhodes the basic questions and not so basic questions! Enjoy!

For MORE Bobby Rhodes:

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