80s Bloody Birthday

CLASSIC HORROR -- Bloody Birthday 1981

Thursday, July 21, 2011Zena Horror

This is a RARE, classic slasher from the 80s that was directed by Ed Hunt and released sometime in 1981. I've been searching for this movie since I knew that there were disturbing, emotionally detached children in it who go around killing people. The film begins with three babies being born in the same hospital at the same time with separate parents at the peak of a full solar eclipse. Ten years later, these innocent looking kids begin their own killing spree just before their birthday bash. No one is safe; these kids go for anybody.

It's known that when children are born, they have a clean slate, meaning they don't know right from wrong. When I was taking early childhood classes, one of the few things I remember from class was a famous developmental psychologist named Jean Piaget who believed that children followed the morality of mainly their family before they hit 10 years old. Once a child hits 10 years old, they develop their own conscience and begin forming their own opinions and making their own decisions. With that being said, in this film, since all three of the children were born during the eclipse, they don't have that luxury where they know what's right from wrong. Therefore, these three kids go on a killing spree.

I really enjoyed this movie & it's so rare to come across slashers like these. I recommend this to all, definitely a good watch!

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