Friday, August 21, 2020

Friday Feasts 8-21-2020

I feed on horror practically all day, both big and small screen releases. Because of this, every Friday I will share one of the newest independent shorts that I enjoyed. We'll call it our Friday Feasts!

Director Elwood Quincy Walker's short film, Kissed pulls off something creepy in just six minutes with only two actors! Kissed is the kind of spooky I needed in my life. It features a coroner in a morgue, who is adding touch-ups to a new body. 

But does the coroner become a bit obsessed? Will he suffer the consequences?  👀  I don't know, you have to watch it for yourself! (I DO know, by the way. 😉 ) 

Gunpowder & Sky’s online horror platform Alter has just released it’s newest short film titled Kissed on July 6th. Kissed is written, directed, & produced by 19-year-old horror filmmaker Elwood Quincy Walker, and stars James Warfield and Aurora Persichetti.

- - -

Synopsis: A coroner touches up the new body in the morgue, and adds a few touches of his own. But after taking his obsession one step too far, he must face the grave consequences.

Check out Elwood's short film below!


  1. I thought that was a great short

  2. we are going to shoot a Horror Film of our own I am hoping we can stay in contact as we move through the process and keep you up to speed on our progress.

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