Friday, August 7, 2020

Friday Feasts 8-7-2020

I feed on horror practically all day, both big and small screen releases. Because of this, every Friday I will share one of the newest independent shorts that I enjoyed. We'll call it our Friday Feasts!

Guys, I'm so excited to share with you Zombie Apocalypse: The Beginning, written, directed and starring 11-year-old Kymira! It seriously warms my heart! She's intelligent, super innovative, determined, and beautiful. I hope she films a sequel. 

Synopsis: An 11-year-old girl is alone while her mother is out of town for the day at a job interview. Without any notice, the zombie apocalypse begins! The girl decides to find her mother as she tries to avoid the dangers of the world. 

Check out Kymira's very own horror short, Zombie Apocalypse: The Beginning below!

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