Monday, April 27, 2020

Sneak Peek at Jeff Payne’s IN DARKNESS I WAIT

You guys know I dig short horror films, right?!

Independent filmmaker Jeff Payne has released a sneak peek of stills from the next installment of his The Pale Faced Lady series, titled In Darkness I Wait.

The nephew of John’s character that starred in his his short horror She Will Return and his girlfriend Mara go into the old house to burn it down.

He wants to rid the family’s bad history from his memory. They are completely unaware of the entity that waits for them within.

In Darkness I Wait will be released soon!

I’m going full terror. At this point, you know the story, how she came to be, and what she’s capable of. Now, we follow characters who go into the house to try and rid the nightmare once and for all. I’m wanting this to be the payoff for the series. Tense atmospheres, dread, and horror…my goal is to scare my mom on this one haha!” – Jeff Payne

Jeff Payne’s nightmare trilogy started with The Pale Face Lady and continued with She Will Return and now we wait for the exciting climax with In Darkness I Wait.

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