Friday, April 10, 2020

Friday Feasts 4-10-2020

I feed on horror practically all day, both big and small screen releases. Because of this, every Friday I will share one of the newest independent shorts that I enjoyed. We'll call it our Friday Feasts!

This week's horror short is Knifemare (2019), written and directed by Andrew Peters. And I know what you're thinking. What an awesome title! I know!

Knifemare is about four friends who decide to stay at a haunted B&B. There's sex, violence, possession, glowing eyeballs and, my personal two favorite things, blood and guts.

Director Andrew Peters provides his viewers with a lot, all while using a small budget. His love for Giallo films are very apparent. Furthermore, if you have adoration for 80s and 90s horror films, this one is definitely up your alley.

Synopsis: Four friends on a getaway weekend visit an infamous, haunted bed and breakfast, but someone - or something - has followed them and plans on making sure they won't be leaving. With the help of a special amulet, will they survive the night or meet their bloody end by knife?

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