Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Upcoming Horrors for October 2013


Can you believe Halloween is RIGHT there?! Woo hoo! It's time to share the list of all the oh-so-delightful horrors that are coming out this glorious month! In the world of horror, it doesn't matter if it's straight to DVD or theater--horror is HORROR!

If you've already checked any of the movies out, please let me know. Or if you plan on checking any out...let me know anyway! Or! If I'm missing any, LET ME KNOW! Duh!

Fright Night 2: New Blood - RELEASE DATE: October 1st, 2013

Guys...I still don't know why this one has "Gerri" as a woman, but ok. I'm already annoyed. Anyhow, Gerri Dandrige is a professor by day and a vampire by night. A group of high school students travel abroad to study in Romania. Soon..for whatever reason, two of the students go up against Gerri and all her terror...blah.

Argento's Dracula - RELEASE DATE: October 4th, 2013

A classic vampire tale in which a man travels to Transylvania, where he is lured into a job by a local. This happens to the man all because of Count Dracula's lust for the man's wife. So...yeah. I heard it's full of blood, gore and sex, so if that's your thing, you need to check it out!

Nothing Left To Fear - RELEASE DATE: October 4th, 2013

In this film, a woman, her husband and kids have just moved to the small town Skull, Kansas, where the husband is the new pastor. The community of friendly neighbors soon throws the family into a horrific series of occurrences! And above all the chaos, one of The Seven Gates of Hell demands innocent blood for the unleashing of the creatures of the damned. This film was inspired by the legend of Skull, Kansas.

Gravity - RELEASE DATE: October 4th, 2013

Dr. Ryan Stone, a brilliant engineer is on her first shuttle mission with veteran astronaut Matt Kowalski. On a routine spacewalk, the shuttle is destroyed, leaving Dr. Stone and Matt alone, spiraling out of control into the darkness of space!

Monkey's Paw - RELEASE DATE: October 8th, 2013

A man obtains a monkey's paw talisman that will grant him three wishes. But his whole life turns sour after just two wishes!

Shiver - RELEASE DATE: October 8th, 2013

A young, unconfident secretary named Wendy becomes a victim of a savage serial killer. Mysteriously, Wendy finds the courage to fight back, escape, and finally confront the monster who was putting her through her worst nightmare.

Static 3D - RELEASE DATE: October 8th, 2013

A young writer and his wife are struggling with the loss of their child while trying to get their lives back on track. One night, a hysterical woman shows up at their secluded home, claiming she is being chased by a masked man. The couple sympathizes with the woman and lets her stay the night at their home. Soon, they're reeled right into her horror.

Cassasdaga - RELEASE DATE: October 11th, 2013

A story about a post-lingually deaf artist named Lily, who participates in a seance to get closure for her recently deceased sister in the spiritual community of Cassadaga. Instead of contacting her sister, she contacts a vengeful ghost of a murdered woman. As the ghost becomes increasingly angry and violent, Lily gets closer to unraveling the mystery of the vengeful spirit's death.

Machete Kills - RELEASE DATE: October 11th, 2013

Michelle Rodriguez, guys! MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ! Machete has been recruited by the President of the United States for a mission to take down a madman who plans to spread war across the planet.

Embrace of The Vampire - RELEASE DATE: October 15th, 2013
A timid and sheltered teen named Charlotte just left an all-girls Catholic school for a new life at a co-ed University. But an evil ancient has followed to torment her and invade her dreams.

To Jennifer - RELEASE DATE: October 15th, 2013

Joey suspects that his girlfriend of being unfaithful. Because of that, he asks his cousin for help to create videos of her in the act. I'm sure something horrific will happen, I just don't know what yet. I'll be sure to watch to find out!

Toad Road - RELEASE DATE: October 18th, 2013

This unveils a local urban legend about a path in the woods that is rumored to contain seven gates leading to hell.  So, of course, there's going to be some losers in this film that want to check it out. And of course, the results will be frightening.

Hellbenders 3D - RELEASE DATE: October 18th, 2013

This horror comedy takes place in modern day New York, where a team of ministers and priests battle the forces of evil. It's said that this is a mix between The Exorcist and Ghostbusters!

Haunter - RELEASE DATE: October 18th, 2013

A girl named Lisa is only one day shy of her 16th birthday. But before that day could ever come, she and her family are doomed to repeat the day before they were all killed in 1985. Unaware of this, poor Lisa starts to feel as if she is being haunted by a ghost. But what is supposed to be the ghost is actually a living girl named Olivia, who now resides in the house with her family. Ohh! Spooky! With Olivia's help, Lisa discovers that the house once belonged to a serial killer who kidnapped teenage girls and burned their remains in a hidden furnace room. And when he died, he became a Haunter!

Carrie - RELEASE DATE: October 18th, 2013

We should ALL know the story line for this one. If you don't..why even continue to go on in life like a normal individual?! A shy girl, outcasted by her peers and sheltered by her super religious mother, finds out she has telekinetic powers and releases it on people who push her too far. Yep, her mother was right..."They're all gonna laugh at you!"

Big Ass Spider! - RELEASE DATE: October 18th, 2013

I absolutely love the title! A giant alien spider escapes from a military lab and runs wild in Los Angeles.

The Last Days on Mars - RELEASE DATE: October 31st, 2013

This film follows a crew of astronauts who discover evidence of bacteria life. And of course, things will go sour when explorers start to get killed off one by one!

Enjoy this AWESOME month. Live it up!
| Happy HORROR! 

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  1. Big Ass Spider & To Jennifer are both excellent!
    Haunter & Hellbenders both suck big time.