Monday, October 28, 2013

FILM -- Trick or Treat

This film was directed by Charles Martin Smith and released in 1986. Our main character Eddie Weinbauer is your average high school nobody who picked on by the popular kids. He has only one nerdy friend who spends most of his day listening to heavy metal music by his favorite musician, Sammi Curr (Tony Fields, may he RIP).

The film opens with Eddie writing a heart drenching fan letter to Sammi Curr about how unhappy he is with life. He goes on how so many people push him around yet he doesn't care because no one understands him/"them". Eddie feels such a connection between Sammi, he feels like he's hero. Sammi attended the same high school and made it BIG. After mailing off the letter, poor Eddie received the worst news any fan could about someone they admired and cared for, Sammi died in a tragic fire.

Eddie was completely broken so after ditching first period and making through the a day of school, he heads over to the local radio station. He's a friends with the DJ, Nuke (Gene Simmons of KISS) and Nuke gives him the last known unreleased album recording of Sammi's. Nuke was ordered by Curr to play it on Halloween night but since Eddie was Sammi's number one fan, Nuke decided to give Eddie a copy.

Later on that night Eddie starts to listen to the record but then quickly discovers there's something odd about this album. Eddie plays the record backwards and Sammi begins to instruct him on how to get revenge on the mean popular kids who makes a target at him. At first Eddie is ecstatic, he's communicating with his hero although he's dead. He feels even more connected to Sammi and it's fun for Eddie. Quickly, things begin to change and Eddie is fearful not just others but himself. There's even a scene where Eddie offers one of his teasers, whose some big beef jock, a peace offering by giving a mix tape. This mix tape which was listened to by the jock's girlfriend and she has an orgasmic yet terrifying intimidate connection with green mist that enjoys caressing her panties. And ultimately made this poor girls ears melt. See. This is why you can't trust using your Walkman, guys. If you listened to a possessed music, your ears will eventually melt. Beware!

Trick or Treat is a fun film and I'm sure it's an instant classic for many, especially if you're huge 80s metal head. However, it's not a classic for me, sadly. It does have somewhat of compelling story since it focuses mainly on the whole supernatural aspect. But there isn't anything scary. The way Sammi would through a couple of cracks at people which were supposed to be witty/funny like Freddy just didn't happen for me. I'm sure with the director, like many 80s directors they wanted the same success of wittiness/humor like Freddy Kruegur. I'm sure the film could have achieved the scare aspect, especially with the music when it played backwards. It sound very dark and evil. I heard over the years there have been numerous bands that have been linked to hidden messages in their music. That's pretty cool that an urban legend played out in a horror film.

The film is your typical over-the-top 80s horror with metal vibe which add great fun but I felt like there is something missing. The deaths are pretty plain and its extremely low on gore yet has a high cheese factor. which isn't horrible. But it seems a bit too tamed for me. It makes me wonder who the director was targeting. I would watch this movie again, perhaps on Halloween night amongst friends.

Over all, it's a harmless and awesome look back down at 80s metal. It's not a great movie but I'm not going to say that it sucks because it has so much charm to it. All it needed was more helpings to blood and guts as well as a bit more special effects for the electricity. I recommend to you if you want to see something new and/or want to enjoy some rare 80s metal music.

3 out of 5 queen skulls!


  1. Another movie shot right here in Wilmington NC! This is a well written and fair review of the movie! Cheers!

    1. Lucky you for living near the location!

      Thanks for reading! :)

  2. This is an oldie. I think I saw this one years ago as a preteen. At first I thought you were talking about the new one (or relatively new) from 2007? I think it's called 'Trick r Treat.' I love that film. It reminds me of the 'Creepshow' anthology.