Thursday, October 31, 2013

FILM -- Trick 'r Treat

Trick 'r Treat is somewhat of an anthology film. There are four tales that take place on Halloween in a small town in Ohio.

There's a story that involves a school principal whose involved in gory activities, kids who conceive a cruel prank, four young women looking for a great time, and an old man with a dark secret from his past! Each story is connected in some way and each character from each story interact momentarily. There is also the character Sam; he's like the film's mascot! He's creepy yet adorable, and you will see him often throughout the film. There are numerous comedic elements as well as creepy parts.

I remember when I first watched this film back in '08, I wasn't really impressed. I'm glad I re-watched it because I pretty much forgot the story line! However, I did remember I loved the soundtrack! I also loved the opening credits, which is pretty much in  comic book style. Another thing that I absolutely loved about the film was that it celebrates Halloween! We all already know that Halloween is the night when the dead rises to walk among us along with other unspeakable things! Well, in this film, we definitely witness that! A horror movie about the true meaning behind Halloween? What more can any horror fan ask for? With each story, there is enough horror as well as suspense, and to top it off, it doesn't depend on cheap scares at all.

After re-watching this film, I have no idea why I didn't care for it the first time! Maybe it's not memorable? It wasn't the best film; however, it was very creative and so Halloween! Obviously, I do not get easily scared, so this film wasn't scary to me at all. Regardless, it was very entertaining. The creativity and the build ups are pretty awesome and represented horror films well! I remember this film was supposed to be released in theaters but went straight to DVD, which was unfortunate.

Overall, I definitely recommend this film to everyone, not just horror fans! If you want a film with a great soundtrack, represents the true meaning of Halloween, and is not predictable, I say watch this film! I'm looking forward to the sequel!

4 out of 5 queen skulls!


  1. Cool review about a great movie.

    Note: it's an anthology, not an anthropology film lol ;D

  2. i really need to get around to watching this movie.

  3. Awesome review. I've always liked this movie and I'm curious to see how the sequel will go. I hope you had a wonderful Halloween! :)

  4. Yeah I'm surprised you didn't like this film the first go around. For me this movie was the next 'Creepshow.' I like horror anthologies. I had been waiting for this movie to come out for several years. They had a trailer and it was set to be released in theaters, but for some reason Warner Bros shelved it for like 3 or 4 years. Then they sent it straight to video. The only thing I can think of is that Michael Doherty (director) must have really ticked off some Hollywood big wig.