Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Interview -- Shawn C. Phillips, Actor

Hey everyone! I was able to have an interview with actor, reviewer and all around movie lover Shawn C. Phillips aka coolduder! If you've seen any indie horror film then you probably know who Shawn is! Before he became an actor leaving his mark in the horror world, he was an average guy doing film reviews on Youtube! On with this awesome-fest of an interview!

RQOH: Have you always wanted to be an actor? And how did you get your start?

SCP: Acting was something that I always was interested in but never knew how to get into it. Ever since middle school me and a friend made silly skit films and that kinda stuff and then after high school we started posting videos online and then I started doing my dvd updates on youtube. A producer had come across my videos on youtube and asked me if I was interested in being in a film he was making called Assault of The Sasquatch. And he also wanted to shoot a new ending to his past film Banshee!!! 

After I worked on Assault of The Sasquatch I have so much fun and I know this was what I wanted to do and after that I have never stopped working on projects. But getting those first two credits helped get me started.

RQOH: know I can remember the first horror movie I ever saw, what was the first one you ever saw?

SCP: I know as a kid some of the first horror films I ever saw were the Universal Monster Films. I remember going to Blockbuster and always loved going into the horror section to look at the boxes. But I was not allowed to see many of them. I do remember the very first R rated horror film I was able to watch, which was the uncut was Return of The Living Dead. I think I was in the 5th grade...(Laughs.) And the first R rated horror film I saw in theatres was Alien Resurection. For some reason, I always remembered these.

RQOH: I'm sure people ask you this question thousands of times but, what is your favorite horror movie or book?

SCP: Well its kinda funny but its Return of The Living Dead. That is one that I can watch again and again! Another that's my second favorite is Day of the Dead. That is one that I watch at least 2 or 3 times a year. (Laughs.) Just have always loved that one!

RQOH: It's beyond obvious to me and many others, that you absolutely adore the horror genre. How did you come to fall in love with the world of horror?

SCP: Its hard to say for sure. I have always just loved the horror world so much. I remember back to the days of Suncoast I use to always go to the horror section more then any section. I always just have the most fun with horror. Some of my favorite experiences from when I was younger was going to horror conventions.

RQOH: I find myself loving movies that everyone hates and it REALLY hurts because I'd really want people to see its awesomeness as well. Is there a certain movie(s) that you loved while everyone hated?

SCP: I can't name one film for sure but I am a lot like you, I love a lot of films that people hate. I like a lot of really, silly shot-on-video type of films and bad slasher films. An example, I loved the film Troll 2 even back in the days when it just came to VHS. I know that was a film that people now call the "best worst film" but I remember back when it was just a silly film that I really had a lot of fun watching.

RQOH: If you have one, what movie scares you the most?

SCP: Well one that I remember really finding pretty creepy was Session 9. Those kind of movie when done well always creep me out. I thought the most recent film which was pretty creepy was The Conjuring.

RQOH: What do you love the most about acting?

SCP: One thing I really love is when I get to travel different places to work on projects. I also love getting to work with lots of different people and getting to die lots of different ways. (Laugh.)

RQOH: What are your plans for Halloween?

SCP: I am planning to going to some of the horror cons like Son of Monsterpalooza and might go to some of the horror events. 

RQOH: You seem like a man who is close to his family, how does your family feel about career?

SCP: Ya, I am very close with them and they're super supportive of what I do My family always love to check out the stuff that I work on...of course there are some things I don’t show them! (Laughs.)

RQOH: When your not on camera, what are you up to?

SCP: Well, I'm pretty much always watching new movies to review, attending film events and/or looking for new film projects. My life pretty much always has something to do with film. 

RQOH: I know you worked with Lloyd Kaufman, do you have a favorite Troma movie?

SCP: Lloyd Kaufman is great. I have know him for a number of years and really like the guy a lot. I just did a little cameo for Nuke 'Em High 2, so that was really fun! My favorite Troma film has to be Terror Firmer. 

RQOH: You have interviewed and worked with some amazing talent in your career. Does any experience stand out as the most memorable?

SCP: Well, one of my all time favorite experiences was getting to work with Danny Trejo on Haunted High. We only had a little bit of time on screen together but I was able to talk to him a lot. He really is one of the nicest actors I have ever worked with. 

RQOH: If you could spend a day baking cookies with anyone, who would that be and why? 

SCP: Well the person who I would have loved to meet more then anything has passed away but its John Candy. He is someone that I have always been such a big fan.

RQOH: If you wasn't an actor, what do you feel you would be doing?

SCP: I think I would still be doing movie reviews but I really don’t know what else. I'm really happy working on films and just don’t know what else I would be doing! 

RQOH: For people who would like to be in the entertainment field, what advice do you have for those people?

SCP: I would say the best thing to do is get yourself out there. Put videos up on Youtube, do videos of yourself reenactments to your favorite films and really use social medias (Twitter, Facebook) because they are a really great networking tools. I met so many people from using them and it can lead me to some really good work.

RQOH: I've seen you in many movies and it would be difficult for me to single one out and say which one was my favorite, so I'll just have you do it! Out of all the films that you've done, do you have a favorite and if so, which one and why?

SCP: I would say Haunted High. I played one of the main characters in the film and got to do some pretty crazy stuff like, jumping out windows, doing all kinds of falls and I really had a chance to act and kind of be a little more serious! My two other favorites are Ghost Shark and Girls Gone Dead.

RQOH: What projects are you currently working on?

SCP: I am getting ready to do a film called the Diner Guest which should be a pretty cool one.

RQOH: And lastly, Mr Phillips, do you have any projects on the horizon that you like to share with us?

SCP: I always have stuff in talk and in the works! Recently, I just was in Ghost Shark, which aired on SyFy and will air again in October! (Laughs.) And I just finshed my part for the upcoming slasher, comedy film Jersey Shore Massacre.

RQOH: That sounds awesome, Shawn, I will be looking forward to it. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. I wish you nothing but great success!

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